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Hello lovelies here is a quick list i want to share of things that you should have in your school bag on a regular basis if you are having trouble figuring out what to bring!

~Pencil Bag~
-Spare Pencils, 4 total, all sharpened
-1 Blue Pen, 1 Black Pen
-1 Highlighter
-1 Big Eraser
 >TiP- keep your pencil bag clutter free, so you can find what you need!

~Make Up Bag~
-Concealer for surprise blemishes 
-Lip gloss or chapstick 

-Hand Sanitizer

-Ipod/Phone if you school allows
-extra hairties
-extra bobby pins

~Eyewear~ ( if you have any)
 > Contacts
 - 3 extra pairs ( if you have dailies)
 -eye drops

 - glasses case
 -glasses wipe 

This is not all you are going to need for school obviously, but i left out major school supplies because it varies per student.

What do you put in your bag?
Hope this helps! 


The Hipster Tipsters

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