Ever had a friend say a joke about you or somebody else and it was not funny or approptiate but just don't want to lose face? Well, I have too. So here's my advice<3 

"You're sucha try hard"
"You're seriously such a know it all" 

this is when you get a good grade or do well on sports and people say that to you. well first off, there's NOTHING wrong with smart or good at sports...so heres what to say to

Roll your eyes and smile,
"Oh thanks bro."
"You're just jealous I kicked you butt, haha" 
"Oh yeah totally, I spent ALL NIGHT on it....riiight."
"Haha, you're soo funny."
"Why thank-you!" (sarcastically) 
"What's wrong with being smarter than you? haha"
"Jealous much?"

About Your Friend/ Group

"Oh my god, they're so annoying" 
"She's sucha biiitch"
"Seriously sooo weird!" 
"They're a freakk!"

hey! They're your friends! Don't let people bad mouth them, to save face you can say..

"Uhm, hey! I'm friends with themm!!" and smile, kind of in a silly way
Give them an "are you kidding me?" look then smile and shake your head
"You're so cool for insulting my friend...."
"No, be nice. She's actually like, my bestt frann."
"Haha yeah, but once you get to know her she's pree cool"
"You're just jealous you're not her best friend...like meh" 


"That looks so bad!"
"Uhm, fix your hair..."
"Whats wrong with your shirt?"

These usually come from your girl friends who have nothing better to than criticize how cool you are. You should say..

"You're just jealouss!" (Smile and laugh)
"Excuseeee me! Fashion Police..."
(If they say "You're hair is messed up" you can say... JOKINGLY!...)
"Your face is messed up"
"Didn't know I had to check with you on what I wear"
"You don't like my shirt?" (then frown and puppy dog eyes) "I don't like you!" 
"Thanks! I thought of you while getting dressed."
"You know you love it!!" 

About an ethnic group you are part of

"They're so weird"
"They're all NERDS"
"They're soo ugly."
"Everyone whose ____, are seriously so weird"
If someone pulls a racist joke or comment.

first off, if someone pulls a racist joke/slur/comment, its okay to freak out and get upset. Stand up for who you are and who you stand for, its okay your friends will soon learn to respect you

otherwise you can say...

"Uhm yeah right!"
"Get a lifffeeeee...."
"Shut-upp, haha seriously stop"
"Thanks for making fun of me... because you obviously have a life hahah"
"You're cool...?"
"Don't say that, you sound so stuck-up haha" 

"Get it in?skanyy"
"You look like a hooker..."

This is not okay, I hate it when people say this to me if I wear a tight skirt or something.. and this is for when you know people are just teasing you 

"You liiike it?" 
Make a kissy face and say "muah!"
"Yeah...I'm dressed fo workk...ya know"
"Why thank you!"
"Shutt yo mouth, you're just jealous"
"My legs look too good for ya?"
"Yeah...you know it?"

Okay well I hope this helped!! Its such a hard situation when your friends say something that might hurt your feelings but don't want to lose face or be embaressed. So here's some things you can say(:

Lovee you guys 

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Wrote 4 years ago
These aren't very good, no offence.

Wrote 4 years ago
To the first one I say, "Nahh just smarter than you.. and that's not hard :)"

Wrote 4 years ago
muahahaha all those means peoples out there betta be prepared for my comebacks :) (<--- Evil grin )

Wrote 5 years ago
ahaa i love this. (:



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