What to Use For:: Dark Spots

Dark spots can be freckles, acne scars, etc. Freckles, you say?? Well, babies are not born with freckles. We accumulate those throughout the years whilst playing in the sun.
There's good news in the horizon though. Most at-home treatments these days are never better. The best I've seen come out recently is the one from Lancome; which targets dark spots prevalent with both fair and dark skin tones. Each of which has their own problems that one product can't correct by themselves.
You can correct more stubborn problems at the doctor but they usually run you around $1,000 for EACH treatment/ time you go in. Ummm hello?! That's crazy...
With at-home routines, you need to stick with the routine for at least six weeks to see results. Your spots will fade while the rest of your skin will brighten up like it does when you fall in love.
With these products featured here (both morning and night routines), you want to pick either two or three for both routines (three for morning, three for night) to use together. Good luck, ladies! I'll be right there with you trying to get rid of these pesky (and ancient) remaining acne marks from when I was a teenager.. :P
**I also added other dark spot treatments at the bottom if you want something different. The ones featured in the routines are the ones I've heard work the best.
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