Okay so I know that some girls out there are pregnant but just cause your pregnant does not mean you can not dress fashionable :) so, anyways there are tons of options but I know that some cant buy too expensive clothes (maternity clothes) but forever 21 does have a line called Love21 ment for young pregnant teenage girls and the clothes are actually pretty fashionable if you ask me so I would suggest taking alook at those they only have a few stores with the line witch is new york and a few other places but you can order online as well so just click this link to take a quick look then come back and read the rest lol :) http://www.forever21.com/Product/Category.aspx?br=love21&category=maternity_main&promotype=2

ok so I have done some research and now I have some tips and tricks for you girls to take a look at :) maby even apply them to your everyday life (pregnant girls anyways :) )


SHOES: okay so for shoes you should def. NOT be wearing heels !!!! stay away from those untill after your pregnancy they cause back pains that can permanantly hurt your back from day to day so stay to flat shoes such as some cute comfy fur boots or hunter boots if you really wnat when you are going somewhere dressy like a party or a dinner wear a nice pair of flats thats the most dressy shoe if you dont want back pains :) lol

PANTS: okay so for pants there are pants for maternity so that you dont have to squeez your big belly in those small skinnies lol :)

SHIRTS: okay so for shirts you can either buy maternity ones or go to love21 orrrr you can buy online ooor you can just wear baggy shirts lets just say there was a cute top from forever21 and you are a small and you would get a large to fit your pregnant body now :)

COATS: okay so there are maternity coats they are expensive but if you really need on just buy one :) lol or squeez your big body in that small coat im sure you dont wanna do that lol :)

so yeah hope this helps anyone woes pregnant! xoxo-kayla requested by @rachels-rp-account :D STAY CHIC RACHEL! <3
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