by: @likewohaa 
i dont know what it's like around you but where i live the only not what we do normally around the year things to do are 
1.go to the corn maze before all the corn get chopped down
2.fright fest & haunted houses
and really bonfires are the best. like, the other 3 just get boring after a while. bonfires are so fun because if youre having it or if its someone elses chances are you'll meet someone new. like, if its yours honestly, one of your friends is gonna go 'oh can i bring blah blah & can they bring blah blah.' and if youre chill with it youll probably be like 'oh yeah cool whatever.' so here in this tip ill show you what to wear.
another thing is the layout- i actually like it better than having the 4 or 5 outfits. i think this lets you see & lets me tell you a broader selection than just a few outfits :3
colors to stick to~
try to stick to darker toned colors and creamy/ yellow toned whites. some colors to look out for are:
-FOREST green (i mean deep green not nasty neon green)
-oxblood red
-deep, rich browns
-denim blue
-burnt orange
-off white
honestly just think about the fall leave colors. you want to like, stick out but blend in- you get what im saying? lol

so for tops you really want to be able to move but still comfy and cozy. you also want to look super cute but not trashy.
-flowly printed shirts
-plain shirts (thermal,long,etc)
-chambray shirts

-jeans obvs:
i would stick to skinny but if you can pull it off i think boyfriend jeans would look super cute :3
-black leggings:
if your top is long enough then go for it-you could probably to any color/pattern leggings-again only do it if you can pull it off- it may seem mean but honestly only some people can pull them off and im def not one of them!

okay you want to stick to low heel and ones that will keep you comfy and warm so try,
-super low heeled short cowboy style (like in the set)
-riding boots
-toms (like the ones with the furry stuff in em')
-uggs- and please not the neon pink ones- stick to chocolate & cheasnut for the original and then with the cardi ones allt he colors are good lol. & one more thing dont fold down your tall ones- it looks like you have sheeps around you ankles :3

-varsity jackets- OKAY please dont wear the 'swag' ones like you see all over tumblr -.- please try if youre going too get one like in the set. like you dont have to spend $300 like the one (well its a mens coat anywho so whatev) but please dont get a tacky one with random 'A's and random numbers. stick to a plain simple one :3
-jean jackets holla~
-north faces

-infinity scarvesssss
-thick braided belts
-messenger bags
-thick socks
-big pearl/diamond earrannggss.

makeup ideas~
-deep red lips
-brown smokey eye
-cat eye

hair ideas~
-sock bun yo
-ponytail with bump in the front

and thats all i got. i hope you look super cute and that hottie who you start at across from you the whole night asks you for your number ;)
loljk that did/never will happen to me.
hopefully its not the same for you lol.
well stay safe and have fun & yeah.
bundle up peasants :)
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