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So, what should you wear to a semi-formal family holiday party? This would qualify if you are a teenager of any age and this is a party with mainly adults. I have some experience in this.
1. Dress
It can be best to have a simple semi-formal modest dress- meaning not too short, and sometimes a higher collar. Peter Pan collars are nice, and the style of the dress in the picture is perfect. I'd recommend green or blue for dresses.
2. Shoes
Flats of any kind are good, and short wedges are also nice. Shoes with bows and such are cute. I'd recommend darker colored shoes, or a crimson.
3. Makeup
Absolutely do not overdo your makeup. If you wear lipstick usually, you may want to consider lipgloss. If you refuse to wear lipgloss, light pinks not heavily caked on are recommended. Wear lighter eye makeup- nothing to noticeable! Please, I beg of you, don't do a smoky eye! A little mascara is okay.
4. Jewelry 
Don't overdo this either. A little necklace with a pendant is okay- bracelets that are simple and pretty are nice too. If you want, you could wear a brooch that is fun and matches the occasion. For ex. You could wear a little candy cane brooch at a holiday party. Just choose 1 type of jewelry!!

5. Behavior
This is very important! If your parents are hosting this party, be a good hostess and try to make conversation! Be helpful and offer snacks or drinks. You can ask guests about what they are doing over the holidays- things like that. If you yourself are a guest, be very gracious! Be polite but confident, smile and make eye contact! Speak up- this applies for being a guest and a hostess. If somebody asks you about your age or your school- elaborate! Don't leave the person there smiling and standing awkwardly after you have given a one word answer. Sometimes i plan ahead what i can talk about. Do this! When i don't know what to say, i talk about my pet cats. BAD IDEA! People want to know about you- they don't want to hear about your pets! You don't want them walking off thinking 'what a strange cat girl.' Make it easy for people to talk to you!
This is so important- even if you are a social butterfly with people your age, it can be hard to talk to people older than you!
Hope this helped!
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