Hey, it's Megan!(:

So here's to Valentine's day. What a great holiday... you know unless you are bound to be forever alone with your 139573495827458 cats to keep you company. So basically if you're like me. I'm kidding, I only own 139573495827457 cats. Despite being single you can make this holiday as great as if you had a Valentine. And if you do have a valentine, lucky you(: and I hope it's a wonderful day for you.

Outfit 1: 
-Red Dress: the heart cutout just adds to the whole holiday theme too!
-White Biker Jacket
-Nude Heels
-Gold Necklace
-Gold Bag
This outfit is great for a date night. It's very flirty and girly, plus the biker jacket gives it a little edge. 

Outfit 2:
-Corset Top
-Black Skater Skirt
-Chunky Knit Cardigan: You must stay warm!
-Burgundy Heels: This adds a little red tone to the outfit symbolizing the holiday.
This outfit is for the more risky girls. If you can pull this off, I really applaud you. I could never. Although, I still think this is a great outfit for a date night or maybe just hanging out with some friends.

Outfit 3:
-White V-neck
-Pink Scarf
-Brown Combat Boots
-Brown Crossbody
-Heart Earrings
-Love Ring
This outfit has less loud pieces to symbolize Valentine's Day. It's a lot more subtle. This outfit is the type that people without Valentines would wear. Let's be honest, it's probably what I'm going to wear. It's still cute!!

Outfit 4:
-Sweater: I love how it says I love me.
-Printed Leggings
-Red Vans
This is also for all the single ladies. You can be loud and proud when you say that you are your own valentine. I mean who knows you better than yourself. You can drown your loneliness in chocolates and there will be no one there to judge you. I'm only kidding.

No but seriously, this holiday is all about love. But it doesn't have to be a love between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. You can celebrate the love shared between all your friends instead! Either way, you can make this holiday great. These outfits are a start!!

Comment below which one is your favorite! Also, if you have an tip requests, just PM us. 

It Gets Better,

Quote of the Day: "What defines us is how well we rise after falling." -Anon.
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