heyy guise(:

Mary K. here with another tip! :)

SO, where I am right now it's SO rainy & wet & cold. It's supposed to be like this ALL day!

& admit it, everyone has those days where you just wanna snuggle up under a blanket with pajama pants and some hot coco. What's wrong with that? I have those days all the time:) 

But, there are also those days where it's all rainy & cold but you have to look cute because you're gonna go out somewhere. right? 
so what to wear on those days?

I'm here to help!

OUTFiT #1:
I love this look, so simple but cute!
Grey, soft leggings with a white, simple sweat shirt. Top it off with a patterned infinity scarf & rain boots that color coordinate with the scarf.

OUTFiT #2:
This is another great look. 
Dark Skinny jeans with a bright Colombia rain jacket. For the winter when it rains, a North Face jacket is even warmer. Pair it off with a simple solid white scarf, and a cute pair of black combat boots. 

OUTFiT #3:
Wear a nice warm pair of black leggings with a grey, over sized sweater. Add some color to this outfit by adding a blue scarf and and matching rain boots. 

There are two hairstyles perfect for the rain:

01. Braids!
Whether it's french braid, fish tail braid, or a regular braid, these are perfect for the rain. These look cute in a low pony tail or side pony tail. 

02. Buns!
even better then braids are buns! 
Either a tight simple fun bun, or a adorable messy bun with bangs framing your face, it's hard for the rain to mess up up-dos like this. Add a ribbon around your bun, or a cute bow to the side. 

You're ready to face all types of weather with these cute looks!

I hope this helps, comment if you have any questions!I would love to talk to you(:
xxmary katherine
{ @musicisme101 }

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