`made from a variety of fabric
`most common are knit jersey and sweater material
`pair leggings with a tunic that comes down past your hips & buttt
`wearing a shorter tunic (or shirt) that stops above your hips will make you appear ready for the gym vs. a night out
`wear a belt with your tunic :)
`the key is to look balanced--a roomy tunic with fitted leggings
`an elegant outfit idea is a black tunic with black leggings and black high heel boots.

dresses & skirts;
`dresses and skirts that fall at or above your knees work well with leggings
`if your dress or skirt falls past your knees, you risk visually cutting off your legs
`a close-fitting, jersey knit dress with a wide belt worn snugly at the waist works nicely with leggings
`more billowy, bohemian fashions also look good with leggings
`younger women can look trendy in leggings paired with denim miniskirts.

`for the best proportions, wear only roomy shirts that don't fall beyond the middle of your thighs
`aim for a silhouette that looks big over small
`avoid wearing a skin-tight shirt with leggings
petite women should be careful when choosing a shirt to wear over leggings: make sure it is proportioned for shorter torso so that it doesn't look like you're wearing a dress over leggings instead of a shirt
`keep in mind that a monochromatic ensemble will elongate your look
`likewise, tall women need to make sure their shirts are long enough to cover their rear

`choose from three can't-lose shoes to pair with your leggings: flats, plain pumps or boots
`ballerina flats are always a good choice
`give your look a rocker-chic edge by wearing booties with ankle-length leggings
`pair cropped leggings (those that fall mid-calf) with platform espadrilles that lace up around your ankle
`because leggings of this length can make your legs look shorter than they are, wearing them with a visually tall shoe helps elongate the look

`besides the elongating benefit of a monochromatic look, you can also wear leggings that echo a color that already exists in your outfit 
`for example, if your outfit has touches of brown (including your belt or shoes), wear brown leggings to complement that aspect
`wearing a leggings in a contrasting color can look either fabulous or a bit scary
`if you're willing to take the risk, go for it
`black leggings paired with bright-colored tops will draw the attention to your hair and makeup, away from your legs
`the key is to accentuate your best features and diminish those that are less stunning


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