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requested by @sparksareflyinn

you can style leggings with a tank top and a sweater. the long sweaters look best like the one in the set. if its the winter time, i suggest that you pull the sweater over or button/zipper it if possible. it will give it more of a winter look. in the summer you can have the sweater open to show the tank top underneath, just to make it more summery!

you can also wear leggings with a loose shirt. im not sure really what these shirts are called haha! but depending upon the length of this shirt, you can wear the leggings as actual pants or just normal leggings! this look is good for all seasons but if it gets chilly in the winter just throw on a sweater over the shirt!

another thing leggings go great with are shirts that are longer than normal! so its kind of like a longer shirt but shorter dress! this is the most common thing worn with leggings. again, this is perfect for all seasons because you can wear this in short sleeves, long sleeves, etc! 

leggings are great with basically anything! they look great with flats, sandals (gladiators especially!), uggs, flip flops & more! leggings come in all different colors and patterns so depending upon your top, choose the leggings color based on that! you can also wear leggings with a dress, it wont look as good depending on the type of dress. if its a very long & formal dress then i suggest not wearing them! but if you are wearing a cute casual dress or just not too long of a dress, leggings look great!! with skirts, leggings look awesome!! 

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