Friday, January 18th
The Royal Family visits some of the mourners outside the palace. Mags has a small get together with friends in her private apartments at Kensington Palace


Annette had been in London for nearly a week and was always at Max’s call. He liked to call her after one of his drunken nights out or when his family obligations were getting the best of him. That essentially means she’s locked up in the hotel, which in fact is fine because she have yet to tell Freddie where she was. Oh sure, she had received calls from him but she sent them right to voicemail. Today she had received 5 calls already. Anxiously, she paced around her room feeling very uncomfortable in it so she chose to take a walk because she remembered the royal family was visiting mourners outside Buckingham Palace today. She thought it’d be interesting to see Max in his natural habitat.

Outside the gates of the Palace people were lined up just to get a glance at the royal family. Annette rolled her eyes and glared at everyone in the crowd. How could they be taken up with an outdated system? Didn’t they know it was these people who hurt them and kept them down? Angrily she pushed her way to the front and she nearly began shouting out but remembering where she was and her cover could not be blown, especially to Max who was making his way down the line right now.

Max’s face was sober and other than the occasional weak smile he was stone cold. Annette sighed. Despite her deep abhorrence of the monarchy, Max was her friend and she felt sorry for him. His father and had died and even though his father was the king he was still a person with feelings. As soon as Max saw Annette his countenance relaxed a bit and he smiled more than he had before.

“Annette,” he said as low as he could and still have her hear him, “Annette, I am so glad you came. Thank you so much.”

Annette smiled uncomfortably and said, “Of course, you asked me to be here for you and I am.”

“I can’t talk much now, but Mags -my sister- is having a small, private get together tonight for friends. I’ll probably have to go and I would greatly appreciate it if you’d come too,” Max said with earnest in his eyes.

“Max, I really do appreciate the invitation but I can’t just show up to your sister’s event. She doesn’t know who I am and I really don’t think it’s wise if I just show up with you. At this point in your life you need as much simplicity as you can get and you dragging around an unknown French girl everywhere you go,” Annette said, with what she thought was a good excuse. 

“Annette, you’re not just a random French girl,” Max said almost motionlessly taking her hand. 

Annette blushed a deep red color and looked around to see who was watching them and she took her hand away. “Max, thank you, but I am. Now, you go to your sister’s get together and you can always call me if you need me. Besides, I have to get back to France soon.”

“Not until we talk about it,” Max said with sadness and anger in his voice. And with that he continued down the line of mourners.

Quickly Annette retreated into the crowd. She was probably making a big deal out of nothing but she wanted to be sure no one could find her. But her phone rang and she had another problem to worry about. Freddie.

“Salut, Freddie,” Annette said answering the phone as she normally would.

“For Christ’s sake, Annette! Where are you?” Freddie hissed.

“What, no hello?” Annette said with a devious grin.

“Where the h-ll are you?” he barked back.

“I’m in London,” Annette said with a laugh.

“Aller en enfer,” Freddie said, “For what reason?”

“I’m visiting a friend,” Annette said.

“Annette, maybe I didn’t make this clear but we’re at a crucial time here and if you’re not fully devoted you need to cut your ties. You can’t just come and go at your whim,” Freddie said angrily. 

“Listen, Freddie, I’ll be back soon, I swear. My friend’s father died and he asked me to come help him through it,” Annette said truthfully, but vaguely.

“Annette, you don’t strike me as the most caring person in the world. Is this person a romantic interest? Is there something hindering your participation in this group?”

“Oh mon dieu,” Annette laughed, “Va te faire foutre, trouduc. Are you kidding me? »

« This is serious, Annette, » Freddie said with a cold tone, « there isn’t time for your nonsense, either you’re with us or not.”

“Freddie, of course I’m with you. I won’t be here much longer, I swear. And when I get back I’ll be more dedicated and ready to go, than ever,” Annette said with a sigh.

“Fine,” Eddie said shortly, “Since you’re in London, you can still be of use. I’ll set up a meeting for you with those MPs who might be sympathetic toward us. I’ll be in contact.”

Annette should have felt bad about meeting some MPs on her visit. She was practically lying to Max but she really didn’t care. He didn’t have to know and she’d be gone soon enough. Then their relationship would fade and he’d be just a distant memory to her and vice versa. Now, finally, she could shake off the feeling that she wasn’t doing anything for the cause.


yuck! sorry this story is late and terrible! anyway, anyone wanna be in the next event. I believe it's on Tuesday. just lemme know.
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