Today, my almost-3-year-old first born son, and second love of my life and I went to his second preschool assessment meeting. *(Whew!* Preschool is a big deal for those of us who happen to have Autism. He is such a strong little man and I am so proud of him. I don't know quite what to do with myself in this time of my life. Should I cheer for what he is able to tackle? Or should I cry because this is the first in many steps at letting him go. Anyway, I wanted to make a good impression. So I dressed to the nines....well not quite. I have found that in this journey, many of the "specialists" and "experts" are surprisingly harsh, and rather judgmental of the parents of children with disabilities. You would think/hope that there would be some degree of consideration/understanding. This is a hard job. But in the end, I would not want anything else. I adore my boys exactly for whom and what they are, and I am excited to give them every advantage, opportunity, and aid I possibly can, that is available to them. Love you my little men. <3

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