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Vol. 4 In the Disney Collections
*Unsatisfied with the immense amount of Disney princess inspired collections, I finally have decided to embark on my own. All will be Disney based, and after the first 11 official princesses I plan on doing more characters. Inspiration was drawn from the style of the film, the personality of the character, and the time period in which it was /made/.
Jimmany Cricket, this collection took me forever to sort out.
First off, Ariel is a derp, actually. Her entire intentions revolve around SOME GUY and so she completely changes herself for him. Derp derp derp. And she combs her hair with a fork. Derp derp derp.But still. THE LATE 80s. I was moderately excited about doing Ariel by way some Heather's-esque girly clothes, with some of those Dynasty puff sleeves and *squee* Just look at the kiss the girl bow. The pink dress. Her frickin' bangs.
But then I remembered actually 80s clothes are pretty hideous, mostly in the proportions department. In efforts not to use 'mermaid theme' type items, I verged in to hipster on Venice beach circa 1990 territory at first--which, all-in-all, destroyed the nice vintagey vibe that was going on with the first three girls [but it's not my fault 30 whole years happen in between princesses. Besides Eilonwy, but we'll get to her.]
As it was, Ariel changes a lot through the movie so does her style--going from teenage mermaid to fairly sophisticated princess of the shore.
Meanwhile, 'Part of your World' gets stuck in my head whenever I worked on this and I feel compelled to mock Ariel's singing voice outloud. I LIKE THIS MOVIE I DO A LOT I SWEAR.


Wrote one year ago
oh lord. the 80's were a disaster for EVERYONE. i have no direct expirience of the decade, but the bargain, 7 year old vcr tapes of my childhood taught me enough.

Wrote two years ago
And that Prince Eric is a stud.

Wrote two years ago
Also, yeah. She's a derp. But she's my derp.

Wrote two years ago
I'm obsessed with her... and this.

Wrote two years ago
This is pure perfection. I am so excited for the rest of them. Like, you don't even understand. I am excited for the Merida one.

Wrote two years ago
I did not see that actually. So perhaps not.
I mean we can't have the word vagina floating around all willy nilly!

Wrote two years ago
"Ariel is a derp." Bahahaha. I LOVE THIS.
I'm surprised you didn't include that pic where it says "I gave up my voice for a vagina." Is it even on here anymore?

Wrote two years ago
gaaaaah. I love these collections! keep them coming. can't wait for the Tiana one!!

Wrote two years ago
this collections gorg
i watched this movie 5 times straight babysitting yesterday
so ariel's voice now causes me physical pain


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