Okay, so i was looking at all these dif pics nd this story popped into my head. These pics may look random, but they actually tell a story which i am about to tell. THIS IS NOT SOME CHAIN REBLOG-IN-FIVE-MIN-OR-ELSE thing. it's a story i thought up all by myself. Just wanted to get that outta the wasy LOL The story goes w/ the pics from left to right. 

Erin never felt like she was wanted, even as a little girl. She was always running off into the woods and always miraculously found her way back before dinner. Her parents were alcoholics, so all she had was herself and the little house she lived in. Erin always loved the ocean, and everyday she would go down to the ocean and take pictures of it. As Erin got older, her parents slowly deteriorated into nothing, and soon enough they both died and left Erin the house. Every now and then Erin would go exploring in the woods behind her house. One day she found a huge grassy field and went back everyday to read and watch the grass roll. One day weeks later a boy stumbled into the same field she had just weeks ealier, and they immediatly fell in love. He made Erin feel alive and for once in her life she felt loved and not worthless. The boy also loved the ocean, and they often went there together and watched the waves. One day at the beach the boy told her he loved her and when they were both out of college he would marry her. They parted ways and promised to meet eachother in that field the next day. 

But he never came.

Erin waited for hours but he never showed up. Devasted, she walked home and turned on the T.V. On the news it said that a young man had drowned in the ocean just hours earlier after he got caught in a rip tide.

It was the love of her life.

Erin was in shock. She went into a depression and often visited the field and any body of water she could find to remind herself of him. Finally she decided the only way they could be together forever was if she, too, was sacrificed to the sea. Heartbroken and lonely, Erin goes to the sea and drowns herself. She dies in the only place she has ever felt welcome. 

Days later some beach-goers find Erin washed up on the shore. Just yards ahead they find a note on a ripped piece of parchment. It read:

"He's gone. So is half of my heart. I can't live without love. I am not a life. I am an existance. Now we can finally be together. Forever. 
Whoever finds this, please give my house to his family. Their son have me love. I can give them something in return. I hope he forgives me for taking so long to find him. I always did run late to things...
Love, Erin <3"

Under her signature were two addresses, hers and the boy's family's. The house was given to the boy's family and the two lovers were buried next to eachother in the field. Over time they were forgotten. Their graves overgrown by the weeds and grasses in the field. Their families mourned, but moved on. Their friends grew up and grew older.

But they never changed. Their spirits never changed. They never forgot. They were in love for eternity. 



.... Soo wat did u think??? The ending kinda sucked, i didn't know how to leave it. LOL In case you guys were wondering, this story is 100% fiction, at least as far as i know. I personally thought it was sad. But hey, wat do i know?? haha Oh, and PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS!!!! THIS ISN'T A CHAIN POST. It's a 100% purpleringzz02 story. But make ur own story! Be creative!! <3 u all!!!
Sooo tell me wat u think!!
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