Grace Catherine Levin ~ 26
{crystal reed}
likes: books, exploring, her sister, small towns, adventures, lemonade, being barefoot, boots, dogs, the beach, fluffy comforters, her chevy
dislikes: ignorance, laziness, lax bros, dressing up, feeling inferior or looked down upon, sports cars, cats, reality tv, soup, futons, big cities

01. Moving in to your new apartment in New York with your sister. {I’m changing this up a bit. I’m having Grace move into an apartment in a small beach town in California. I figure since it’s a challenge I’m gonna do what I want, to some extent. :P)

My hand was out the window, making waves in the air as Emma drove down the highway in my Chevy, her husband Chris and our brother Kyle following us in Chris and Emma’s new sedan. (Emma had declared a need for girl time when we left the hotel this morning, creating the car arrangement with one sentence.)The two of us sang along loudly and off-key to the pop song blasting out of the radio until it went to commercial. We were entirely in transit and I was happier than I could ever remember being. 
The decision to move when the opportunity arose was a fast one. I needed to get out of Colorado. So when Nana died, and left me her cottage in Hope’s Isle, California, it took me a week after the will was read to pack up my things and set out for a road trip to my new home. We probably should have been sadder about Nana, but if we were being honest with ourselves, it was kind of a relief. We’d only see her about three times a year – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and her birthday, and each time at least one of us left the main event in tears. Usually my mother. On top of that, there was the racism, her refusal to attend Emma’s wedding because she wasn’t going to be married in a Catholic church, and blatant homophobia. Even my dad, Nana’s son, couldn’t hold on to the sadness for more than three days. The reading of the will came as a surprise to all of us – she had left the three kids – me, Emma, and my brother, Kyle – the majority of her money. Her house and everything else, plus a small amount of money went to my parents. But everybody was shocked, at least for a few minutes, when they read that she had left the cottage to me. My mom had sniffed and wiped away tears, “she did always love you, Grace. You were always nice to her, even when she didn’t deserve it.” My father murmured his agreement. Kyle had elbowed me. “That’s what you get when you’re the baby,” he teased. 
And so now, a week and three days later, we were on the last stretch of the journey – if all went well, we’d all be sleeping in my new house tonight. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said, half to myself and half to Emma.
She glanced over at me. “Well, personally, I can’t believe you bought that shirt.”
I looked down at the crop top I’d purchased the day before. “The shirt I brought for today apparently has a huge stain on it, and everything else is packed up in boxes in the bed of Bessie and your sedan,” I said, patting the dashboard lightly as I said the truck’s name. “I don’t even know where to begin looking for them. And I needed a new shirt.” 
When we arrived at the hotel last night, I laid out my clothing for the next day, and found a large, unidentifiable, dark stain on the shirt I was planning to wear. I may not have been our family’s fashionista but I had to draw the line somewhere. So Kyle and I had quickly driven to the closest mall, I grabbed the first weather-appropriate shirt I saw and bought it without even examining it. No stain was good enough for me. Of course, it wasn’t until we got back to the hotel and I was laying it out with my shorts that I noticed that it was a One Direction fan shirt. Kyle and Chris laughed so hard that I was afraid we were going to have to call housekeeping to clean up their vomit. 
“You should have at least looked at it, Grace. Sheesh.”
“Whatever, Em. I still have pictures of you in the fifth grade. You weren’t always so fashion-aware.”
We both glared at each other for a minute before bursting with laughter. “God, I’m gonna miss this,” she said, wiping a tear from under her eye. “You have to come visit me and Chris all the time, okay? It doesn’t matter when – you’re my baby sister and you say the word and the guest room’s yours.” 
I squeezed her hand. “I know. I promise. I gotta be there when the little one comes, anyway!” 
“Shh! I haven’t even told Chris yet.” Emma pulled her hand away from my and started rubbing her belly. I wasn’t sure she was even aware of it. 
“Emma, he’s in a whole nother car. I think we’re safe.” 
“I just want it to be special, okay? I want to do it really special. He’s been wanting this since we got married.”
“Which is why I’m amazed you’ve managed to keep it a secret this long. It makes me wonder what secrets you’ve been keeping from me.”
She smiled. “I taught you everything you know, Grace, but that doesn’t mean I taught you everything I know.” 
I rolled my eyes. “Whatever you say, Ems. Whatever you say.” I leaned my head against the window and closed my eyes. As long as she was driving, I was gonna sleep just a little more before I spent the entire night unpacking.

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Polyvore challenge: One hundred days.

Polyvore challenge: One hundred days.

This is a challenge I made with my sister, because I think it so much more fun when you can have something that you "have" to make. You can do whatever you like with this, you can change the challenges to something you find better. You can make dolls and write stories to it. You can also chose to only have the same people trough the whole challenge or change for every set ♥ xx
1. Moving in to your new apartment in New York with your sister.
2. Walking your dogs in Central park.
3. Meeting an English gentleman who asks you to dinner.
4. Having dinner with the English gentleman,
5. Having drinks with your girlfriends.
6. Attending a board meeting at your fathers company.
7. Having dinner with your family.
8. Meeting your soon to be boyfriend( the English gentleman) for drinks.
9. Traveling home to London.
10. Attending an auction at Sotheby's.
11. Shopping with your girlfriends at Harrods and Selfridges.
12. Attending your brothers polo match.
13. Boarding a Jet to fly back to NYC.
14. Having lunch with your boyfriend.
15. Jogging in central park with your dogs.
16. Going to your boyfriends apartment.
17. Going to a Charity auction with your favorite brother.
18. Shopping for vacation clothes with your sister.
19. Babysitting your big brothers kids.
20. Cooking dinner for your boyfriend.
21. Going on a vacation with your boyfriend.
22. Laying on the beach in Cabo San Lucas.
23. Meeting your friends for Margaritas and Tacos in Cabo.
24. Flying home.
25. Going to work.
26. Buying a chateau in Paris.
27. Furniture shopping in Paris.
28. Flying your boyfriend to Paris.
29. Putting a love lock on the Pont de l'Archeveche in Paris.
30. Laying in bed all day with your dogs and boyfriend.
31. Sightseeing in Paris with your boyfriend.
32. Shopping with your boyfriend and dogs in Paris.
33. Flying home to England.
34. Formal dinner with both families including siblings, aunts, uncles and their wives and husbands, kids and pets.
35. Flying back to NYC and going to work.
36. Having a long day at the office.
37. Looking after your boyfriend's sisters kids.
38. Going to the playground with your boyfriend's sisters kids.
39. Attending a business meting.
40. Going with your boyfriend to the Hamptons.
41. Staying in the Hamptons with your boyfriend and his parents.
42. Attending a charity tennis match in the Hamptons.
43. Spending a day on a sail boat with your boyfriend and dogs.
44. Dinner on the beach.
45. Flying back to England with your boyfriend and his family.
46. Boyfriends point: asking your girlfriend's father for her hand in marriage.
47.Boyfriends point: changing the family engagement ring at Harry Winston with your mother, sister and your girlfriend's mother and sister.
48. A casual family dinner with both your and your boyfriend's family.
49. Going on a family vacation to Paris.
50. Getting engaged at the Eiffel tower.
51. A romantic dinner at the Eiffel tower after you just got engaged.
52. Having champagne brunch with the families.
53. Taking a romantic stroll as newly engaged with your dogs.
54. Taking a yacht to Monte Carlo.
55. Attending Monte Carlo Grand Prix.
56. Going to a Monte Carlo casino.
57. Going to drinks with friends to tell about your engagement.
58. Go clubbing with friends.
59. House hunting in NYC.
60. Decorating the house.
61. Having a house warming party.
62. Meeting you boyfriend's ex-girlfriend at the party.
63. Wedding dress shopping with your mother, sister, best friend and your boyfriend's mother and sister.
64. Having lunch with your boyfriend, best friend and her boyfriend.
65. Attending your best friends baby shower.
66. Going back home to London for Christmas shopping with you best friend.
67. Celebrate Christmas home with your family and your boyfriend's family at your family's country estate in Scotland.
68. Hunting with you father and you soon to be father in law.
69. Formal Christmas dinner.
70. Opening gifts and having a late brunch.
71. Going on mani pedi's with your mother, sister and best friend.
72. Celebrating New years eve with your friends at a yacht in the Bahamas.
73. Start the New Year with hiring a wedding planner.
74. Planning your wedding and having a rehearsal dinner.
75. Attending the Oscars.
76. Buying a New car.
77. Sending out invitations for the wedding.
78. Looking for a Manor in England.
79. Staying at your best friends while your fiance is out of town
80. Having a night in with your best friend.
81. Attending the Met gala.
82. Date night at a Lana del Ray concert.
83. Rehearsal dinner with everyone.
84. Getting ready for your wedding.
85. Get married.
86. Having the reception.
87. Going on your honeymoon.
88. Moving to England and buying furniture for your home.
89. Being 5 months pregnant.
90. Looking for kids clothes and toys with your best friend.
91. Celebrating your child's first birthday.
92. Taking over the family business.
93. Watching your two other children grow up.
94. Turning 30 years old.
95. Going on a vacation with your husband and three kids.
96. Taking your youngest child to the first day of school.
97. Gardening with your daughter.
98. Attending your best friends charity ball.
99. Staying home, before you leave for Rome.
100. Renewing your vows in Rome.

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