Monday: Everyone thought everything was great and peaches until we returned from vacation. But we return home to tragedy. Caroline Adams was found in a corn field in Connecticut...dead. Detectives suspect there was an overdose and she got lost somewhere on a farm. Classes will not be held today and instead there will be a ceremony in remembrance of Caroline. May she rest in peace.

(Belle, you're fuckingg genius for thinking of this event. Drama... here we come!)

Bijou burst into our room, a look of horror spread across her face.

"She's-she's dead." She whispered, her eyes widened from shock.

"Who!?" Ara yelped, getting up to join Bijou's side.

"Caroline Adams." She bit her bottom lip, swaying back and forth from fear.

I cleared my throat, no emotion present on my face.

"You don't look surprised, Yas." Ara knitted her eyebrows together.

"It's because I'm not. She was bound for death anyway. Not like I knew her very well." I lied through my teeth, falling back onto my bed.

"But, but you had every class together! And you both used to hang out, and drink! You thought she would be good for Billings!" Bijou spilled out, shattering my facade.

"That was nothing." I lied again, getting up to look at Bijou.

"I cannot believe you're not feeling anything about this! It's terrible." Bijou frowned at me.

"It's because there was /nothing/ between me and that girl!" I said sternly.

"Yas..." She shook her head, rushing out of the room. Ara sighed and followed her.

I realized Noora hadn't spoke at all. I turned around, and stared at her. We didn't exchange words, instead we exchanged thoughts. She knew exactly what I was thinking, yet never uttered a word.

No one would find out what happened that cool May night.

Even if it was the last thing I did.


(Ooh suspenseful xD I hope it's okay I used Noora, B :))
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