teen idle //* marina & the diamonds ♥

- so i've been seeing a lot of these lately, so i decided to make one((: ♥

&& new year, new me //*
i got a top set on the 6th, which i was so happy about!! ♥ this was one of the best starts to my year, ever. && i've been trying to keep my resolutions, although i've broken the not biting the nails one :L oh well. aha :3

&& school //* ♥
doing fine at the moment, everything may seem a bit meeeeh at the moment, but i tolerate it all. at least. && i've got a math test next week, which is pretty important and such, so hoping to do well on that((:

&& love life //*
let's not even go there. it's practically non-existent. i met a guy called harry at my volunteer work, he seems nice, but i see him more as a friend((: ♥

&& everything else //* ♥
friends are fine, no dramas to speak of yet, and i hope there will be none to speak of for the future. i'm happier with myself, and don't feel as shy. i'm happy with the way i look, and how much i weigh and such [8&&halfstone, if you were wondering.] so yeaah, mhm. everything good there. ♥

&& blog & polyvore //* ♥
so i hit 25O followers on my tumblr! woo hoo. which is chanel-and-c0uture.tumblr.com if you wanna follow?((; && i hit 8OO followers on polyvore which i am VERY VERY excited about, nearly 1,OOO, hopefully by the middle of the year? ♥

i love you all!((:
- sorcha.xo.
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