I can barely breath now! I'm so sick U_U hahaha and after a crazy day with my friends yesterday I think I'm dying lol 
It's good to be back home! My sister is still the teenager she never was during her teen years xD
*Fangirling over Eli and saying crazy stuff
Mom is as crazy as ever
*While watching a U-kiss video during their concert in Mexico*
"I have a question, dear: Are U-kiss comedians or singers?" LOL 
Dad's pretty much as oblivious as always 
"Why Teen Top members look so different lately?"
"That's because those are not Teen Top, dad, it's B1A4" rofl
and my best friend has seriously crossed the fangirl line cause apparently she's now obsessed over Dongho!
usually she never asks me about k-pop unless I mention it but yesterday she arrived and spent like 10 minutes looking at every single movement Dongho did in 'Inside of me'.
Last year when I came back home the MV of Believe was released the day I arrived so I pretty much fangirled about an hour over it along with my mom -who's Dongho's super fan- and my sister -who loves Eli and thinks Dongho's the worst looking among Ukiss members- and my best friend totally agreed with my sister's opinion, she was all like, that guy's so ugly, ugh! I don't like him! he's horrible -of course my mom and I just glared at her and ignored her comment xD- but yesterday my best friend rewatched Believe and she was OMG! I can't believe I ver said Dongho's ugly, he's so handsome! OMG! so perfect! why is that Eli and that Soohyun getting so much screentime?! WHY! he's the best looking in that group, why doesn't he have more time!?" ROLF 

My sister and mom were just looking at Stephanie and shaking their heads, the best part of it came when she started to fangirl over Kiseop as well in the MV of 'Inside of me' I was all like 'Honey, you said Kiseop is disgusting when you watched 0330' 
my best friend's face was just priceless, she was all like 'AM I BLIND OR WHAT?! WHAT'S HIS NAME? HOON?!'
"No, that's Kiseop"

after half of hour she asked again 'what's his name?' 
'Ok, I'll memorize it, Kiseop, kiseop, kiseop'
XD ahhhhhhhh I really missed home!
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awesome set≧✯◡✯≦✌

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totally chic!

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