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hey guys! Kalynn here! today we are going to talk about school. ik im sorry. but school starts in 2 1/2 weeks for me and i enjoy these tips (just not the school part) 

anyhow, today i am going to share what is in my backpack. this stuff may change but for now it stays

❶ B I G G E S T P O C K E T 

- 1 1/2 inch navy blue binder with dividers
- blue 5 subject notebook
- agenda/ planner
- makeup bag
- pencil pouch 
- wallet (for lunch) 

❷ 1 S T S M A L L P O C K E T 

- IPod touch 
- white earbuds in floral pouch 

❸ 2 N D S M A L L P O C K E T 

- binder clip
- sticky notes
- mini stapler
- tape 

❹ P E N C I L P O U C H 

- G2 pilot brand gel pens 
- clickable highlighters 
- mechanical pencils 
- eraseable pen
- multicolor pen
- eraser

❺ M A K E U P B A G 

- mini deodorant 
- mini lotion
- mini hand sanitizer
- elf clarifying pressed powder
- elf volumizing mascara
- hair ties
- bobby pins

that is everything I have in my backpack. thanks for reading! I hope you have a good day. 

also if you would like to see a bad hair day and this list in a video checkout my youtube channel "shinyhairclip" if you comment your polyvore username on this video I will give you 10 set likes or 25 if you subscribe. thank you!

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