(What's In) Calypso Gryffin's Backpack {A BitNRP Collection}

{Because I'm crazy and I get very bored, my insanity continues to the extent of showing what my characters carry inside of the bags that they own lol}
Calypso "Cal" Gryffin, age 17 - 7th year Gryffindor
As Lizzie put it [xD] Cal probably has a survival kit, more than she does a backpack, so I ran with that idea. Needless to say when shitte goes down, its better Cal's on your side than the opposing team hahaha
{I might add to this lol}
*all of her knives and etc are in cases/sheaths/covers to keep herself from getting cut or injured lol


Wrote three years ago
@let-there-be-light thank you lizzie :3

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Andy has a backpack, but I didn't intend it to be like a "has it all the time" thing... But I guess it will be now xD

Wrote three years ago
@much-better-now Backpacks? Cal is a girl of course, doesn't carry a purse, so while in school she carries this - and tends to carry it outside of school. Will has his backpack XD

Wrote three years ago
Now I wanna make one of these... even though none of my characters really carry bags. xD

Wrote three years ago
Oh they would.
Salem like puts one in the back of her pants. Straps one to her thigh. You know all those fun things. Val doesn't really like sharp things.

Wrote three years ago
@nutz4lutz haha I can see Cal somewhere going through her bag just setting weapons onto the table, and one of the twins like "I'm borrowing this- -and this- -and Oooooo!"
Cal extends her hand like 'fork my stuff back over' XD

Wrote three years ago
I love the number of weapons in that.

Wrote three years ago
@hungergamestintin1d Lol when you see Cal's personality, she's basically a boy in a girl's body with some dashes of femininity lol She loves King Arthur and Pirate stuff, so yeah...she carries swords with her haha

Wrote three years ago
@let-there-be-light @nutz4lutz @much-better-now Yep, this is Cal's backpack

Wrote three years ago
Some of that stuff is slightly scary.


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