(What's in) Elphaba Gryffin's purse; part 1 {A BitNRP Collection}

{Because I'm crazy and I get very bored, my insanity continues to the extent of showing what my characters carry inside of the bags that they own lol}
Elphaba Gryffin, age 15 - 5th year Slytherin
part 2: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1944448
Elphie's like a goth Mary Poppins of sorts. She has all sorts of weird things in her bag, and if you're not careful, something might just jump out and bite you lol Generally she has everything she needs right inside of her bag, for mischief or simply day-to-day things.
  • Givenchy Mini Pandora Messenger
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    "{ELPHIE'S BAG} Magically expanded to carry more than it shows, it matches everything that Elphie wears pretty much and almost always she has it at all times...unless she uses her bat-coffin bag: http://www.polyvore.com/bat_backpack/thing?id=22571572" — @vintagevampire19
    Grained leather messenger with double top zip and thin adjustable shoulder strap. Fabric lined interior with zipper pocket. 5.5" height x 9.5" width x 4.5" depth. 22" strap drop. Made in Italy. Available in Black.
  • Iphone 4/4s Snow White Holding Apple Vinyl Decal
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    "(iPhone) Her phone, bright white so she can bloody find it when she actually needs it." — @vintagevampire19
    Dress up your iPhone 4/4s with a Snow White vinyl decal. Perfect for Black or White iPhone. Each sticker is printed in hi quality digital color on 7 mil Arlon vinyl. Easy to apply and easy to remove with little or no residue.
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    "(Reusable Coffee cup) For in the mornings when getting coffee or coco, just wash it out and she throws it back into her bag for tomorrow." — @vintagevampire19
  • ballet shoes Invitation Templates
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    "(Ballet slippers) For dance club in school and for other reasons if she wants to dance around and do ballet." — @vintagevampire19
  • rapier
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    "(Rapier) She relatively knows how to use it because of her mother, but she doesn't have need for it often." — @vintagevampire19
  • Pistol-Crossbow-B6-1-.jpg (JPEG Image, 387x387 pixels)
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    "(Crossbow) Even if threat of vampires is low, ever since her 1st year - her father gave her one to protect her from them after the events that almost took Imogene/Shia's life, and killed Yvaine. Since she's not much for brawn, aim and shoot." — @vintagevampire19
  • arrow tote
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    "(Arrows 20x) For the crossbow" — @vintagevampire19
  • Razorback ® Mini Shovel with D-handle, Shovels & Spades - GEMPLER'S
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    "(Shovel) For...purposes..." — @vintagevampire19
  • Mammut 9.8 Tusk Superdry Standard 70 M
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    "(Climbing Rope) Reasons...for reasons." — @vintagevampire19
    The Mammut® Tusk superDRY™rope melds high strength, minimal weight, comfortable handling and long life expectancy. Lightweight 9.8mm diameter makes the Tusk a great choice for alpine climbs with a long approach. superDRY™ sheath and core treatment protects against water and dirt, thereby increasing the durability of the rope. Also maintains smooth handling characteristics. Kernmantle design combines durable braided sheath and shock-absorbent core for protection from fall forces. 70m length allows for extended leads and repels on today's modern sport routes. Middle of the rope is marked with a black bar to facilitate rappels. Mammut Tusk rope meets UIAA tests for falls, impact force and elongation. Imported. Specifications: Best use - Climbing. Rope type - Single. Weight - 63 grams per meter. Rope length (m) - 70 meters. Rope diameter (mm) - 9.8 millimeters. Dry treatment - Dry core and sheath. Impact force - 9.1 kilonewtons. UIAA falls - 7 - 8. Dynamic elongation - 30 percent. Static elongation - 6.8 percent.
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    "(Plastic Gloves) She may not be a germaphobe, but she does not pick up things certain places with her bare hands so...disposable gloves." — @vintagevampire19
  • Road Side Emergency Kit Road Flares Photo 5
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    "(Flares 10x) Reasons...for reasons." — @vintagevampire19
  • Bullhorn
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    "(Megaphone) Again...for purposes." — @vintagevampire19
  • Duct Tape
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    "(Duct tape) Come on, everyone needs duct tape." — @vintagevampire19
  • Gas Mask Kit - New military gas mask, filter, bag and accessory kit - K1 Gas Masks - Evolution 5000
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    "(Gas mask) Again...for reasons..." — @vintagevampire19
    Approved Gas Masks specializes in sales of survival & protection equipment for first responders, law enforcement / police, government and military-grade gas masks, escape hoods and protective clothing. We stock nearly every CBRN approved gas mask, escape hood & PAPR; All the key equipment from Avon, North, MSA, Sperian/Survivair, 3M and Scott, plus all related PPE, Hydration & detection equipment & more, are typically in-stock items. Our customers include a virtual who’s who of the Homeland Security Sector, law enforcement, federal, state & local agencies, FBI, FEMA SBCCOM, plus fortune 500 companies from CNN & Fox, to the NY Times, Grainger & General Motors. Low prices on US, Canadian, Israeli & European gasmasks, tactical gear & much more. Call toll-free: 877.246.1010 for all your gas mask and safety equipment needs
  • Amazon.com: MAGLITE S2C016 2-C Battery Flashlight, Black: Home Improvement
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    "(Flashlight) For when a wand just won't do or that you can't use it." — @vintagevampire19
  • WB Shop Released the Replica of Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak
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    "(Invisibility Cloak) Not the famed one Potter has, one manufactured - the spell on it after some years can wear off so she has someone reapply/strengthen the spell on it lol" — @vintagevampire19
    The Most-Hated Philippine Showbiz Blog!!! And Source Of The Latest Buzz About Anything Under The Sun!!!
  • snow white | Tumblr
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    "(Apron) Her apron for work. She always has it with her cause she works almost every day." — @vintagevampire19
  • Herbal Lower Back Comfort Pack
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    "(Hot Pack) Just wave your wand with the right spell and it heats up for various uses." — @vintagevampire19
    Buy Herbal Lower Back Comfort Pack - This Herbal Lower Back Comfort Pack soothes muscles with an all-natural aromatherapy blend of 12 healing herbs and natural grains. Designed to cover small to medium-sized areas, this herbal pack can be microwaved for instant hot therapy or chilled in the freezer for instant cold therapy. Detailed stitching keeps herbs and grains evenly distributed throughout the pack, which helps to relieve stress, tension, cramps and muscle discomfort.
  • British Cupcake Set
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    "(Cupcake wrappers) Glinda and Ava are ALWAYS making cupcakes and sometimes they run out of wrappers so Elphie always carries and extra lot of them for them to use." — @vintagevampire19
    Everything you need to prepare British themed Cupcakes!
  • Light and Communication
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    "(Glowsticks 20x) Again, reasons as many things are hard to explain in her purse XD" — @vintagevampire19
    SCORPION SURVIVAL | 72-Hour Kits, Knives, Flashlights and More! : Light and Communication - Emergency Survival Kits Car Kits Box Kits Emergency Blackout Kits Bucket Survival Kits Classroom Lockdown Kits Long Term Food Storage Items Deluxe First Aid Kits Preparedness Seeds Food and Water Light and Communication Shelter and Warmth Emergency Tools Hygiene and Sanitation Backpacks and Bags
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    "(Pillow) Sometimes you get tired, classes are boring, so she pulls out her little pillow and takes a nap on it so her head is cushioned." — @vintagevampire19
  • Gap Shearling Blanket
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    "(Blanket) Wrapped up with leather cords to keep it rolled." — @vintagevampire19
    Gap baby blankets. Wrap baby up in luxurious warmth with our supersoft and cozy microsuede and faux shearling blanket. P.S. this is great as a gift, too. - Woven poly blanket.
  • Home Source International MicroCotton® Luxury Set Of 2 Shower Towels
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    "(Big Towel) Because paper towels are not always available..." — @vintagevampire19
    Large, soft and absorbent - the way shower towels should be! Set includes: 2 x Microcotton® Luxury Shower Towels (30.0" x 60.0") Plush cotton terry in a variety of easy-to-coordinate colors. Manufactured with no chemicals used except eco-friendly azo-free dyes. 100% combed, ringspun cotton. Care instructions: Use half of the amount of detergent you would normally use due to towel absorbency. Machine wash warm with like colors, delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Avoid contact with products containing benzoyl peroxide. Imported.
  • Jack Link's Beef Jerky Teriyaki 3.25oz bag
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    "(Beef Jerky, 5x) Emergency purposes - or if she's somewhere and can't get food." — @vintagevampire19
    Soy, ginger and a hint of onion give these tender lean strips of 100% beef a delicious teriyaki flavor.
  • Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies Baked Snack Crackers, Original, 12-Ounce Boxes (Pack Of 12)
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    "(Crackers) Again, for emergencies, or sometimes when Hadley is with her and starts to whine about being hungry." — @vintagevampire19
    Annie's Homegrown is a good company with good people that makes good food and does good stuff. From the beginning, Annie impressed upon us the necessity of operating responsibly by giving back to the community. Because if you don't take care of the folks who are taking care of you, everything gets ugly. And anyone who thinks an ugly planet is a healthy planet is a wackadoo. Annie's motto: Eat Responsibly. Act Responsibly. Annie's Homegrown has stayed committed to its goals even as the company has expanded. With distribution in all 50 states, it's become the second-largest brand of macaroni and cheese in the U.S. And in their own words: "We know we're the first most delicious." History of Annie's Homegrown. After creating Smartfood in 1982, one of the fastest-selling snack food products in U.S. history, Annie Withey co-founded Annie's Homegrown in 1989 with the idea of making a great-tasting, all-natural macaroni and cheese. In the end, though, she did a lot more than that. In 1998, Annie's Homegrown was the first to develop and introduce three amazing kinds of organic macaroni and cheese. At the end of 2001, Annie's introduced a line of certified organic pasta, dressed up in a lovely bright purple box. And in 2005, Annie's introduced three flavors of Deluxe Mac and Cheese, four awesome flavors of organic crackers that they call Cheddar Bunnies, and three flavors of graham crackers called Bunny Grahams, made with organic ingredients. Annie continues to be the inspirational leader of Annie's. She works from her home in Connecticut, answering some consumer letters and providing input on new product and marketing ideas. She remains the company's corporate conscience. Product Features Case of twelve, 12-ounce boxes (total of 144 ounces) 0g trans fat; low saturated fat. No cholesterol; No sugar added. Contains non-GMO. Case of 12 Boxes.
  • Fiji Water Fiji Natural Artesian Water, 50.7 -Fl. Oz Bottles (Pack Of 12)
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    "(Water 4x) She drinks a lot of tea and water" — @vintagevampire19
    PURE & NATURAL ARTESIAN WATER Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste. The island nation of Fiji is a cluster of green jewels set in the endless blue of the Pacific. In fact, the very name “Fiji” has become an icon of beauty, nature, simplicity, and remoteness – and when it comes to drinking water, “remoteness” is a critical blessing. That distance and isolation is part of what makes FIJI Water so much purer and richer in taste than other bottled waters. FIJI Water comes from a single place: the remote Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu (one of Fiji’s two principal islands). In this isolated and idyllic setting, FIJI Water is drawn from an artesian aquifer that lies hundreds of feet below the edges of a primitive rainforest. Hundreds of feet below an ancient rainforest in the Yaqara Valley, is a vast, geologically unique, underground aquifer from which we draw our water. Millions of years ago, the aquifer was actually a volcano. The volcano became extinct, and over time built up layers of rock and sediment. Over thousands of years, countless tropical rainfalls soaked through these sedimentary strata, giving birth to the aquifer below. Quality takes time. If you ever wondered what truly pure water tastes like, just open a bottle of FIJI Water. It’s the next best thing to a trip to Fiji (and a whole lot friendlier on your wallet). UNTOUCHED BY MAN – UNTIL YOU UNSCREW THE CAP! “PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THE WATER” – IT’S OUR NUMBER-ONE RULE. FIJI Water’s state-of-the-art bottling facility was designed to protect the purity of our water at every step of the production process, and as part of that strict commitment to quality, no human hands are allowed to touch it. In fact, the facility was built directly on top of the FIJI Water aquifer, where a completely sealed delivery system draws the water up from the protected chamber and places it directly into our iconic square bottles, which are made from the highest-grade terephthalate (PET) plastic resin. To put it simply, until you unscrew the cap, FIJI Water never meets the compromised air of the 21st century nor is it touched by another human being. No other natural waters can honestly make that claim. THE TASTE OF FIJI WATER IS AS UNIQUE AS ITS CREATION. It begins as rain falling on the tropical islands of Fij and filters down through layer after layer of ancient volcanic rock. At the same time, this natural filtration process as adds the mineral silica which contributes to FIJI Water’s distinctly soft, smooth “mouthfeel” (a professional tasters’ term that refers to a liquid’s taste and texture). In fact, while FIJI Water tastes great cold or chilled, many people prefer to drink it at room temperature so that they can get the full effect. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: 1% FOR THE PLANET In 2009, FIJI Water became one of the largest members of and only major bottled water company in 1% for the Planet, a growing movement of more than 1,200 companies and brands that donate 1% of their sales to organizations in support of environmental causes. Joining forces with 1% for the Planet represents a natural extension of FIJI Water’s long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and demonstrates the scope and permanent nature of its involvement in environmental work. As a global brand, we have always been interested in opportunities to support green projects not just in our home in Fiji but also in other parts of the world. Our contributions to 1% for the Planet allow us to do just that. Building on our key projects in the Fijian islands, we are now reaching organizations that operate in the United States, Latin America and other countries. FIJI WATER SIZES Mini & Mobile (330ml) Our smallest bottle size, the FIJI Water 330mL ships in a 36-count case. It is perfect for kids and fits easily in the purse or a car cup holder for on-the-go use. At home, it is a great product for parties, events, or when family comes to town. It makes a thoughtful treat for your clients and customers. Personal Size (500ml) Our most popular bottle size, the FIJI Water 500mL ships in a 24-count ca
  • Hammered Silver Flask
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    "(Flask) This is no booze in it, but a fresh batch of wolvesbane potion that she gives to someone who needs it." — @vintagevampire19
    Pure silver-plated flask is ideal for the discerning gentleman. Handsome, hammered and handcrafted flask features a twist-off lid. Makes an original bar gift for any occasion. Silver. 9" tall.
  • Gerber Survival Bear Grylls Canteen Water Bottle with Cooking Cup
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    "(Canteen) Filled with a potion that cures most common poisons, or at least helps keep you alive until a cure is found." — @vintagevampire19
  • Beauty Supplies Cigar Box | Beauty Storage | RetroPlanet.com
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    "{CANDY BOX} Its about a half-size of a shoe box and stores all of her little candy-things like gums and what not so they're not at the bottom of her purse." — @vintagevampire19
    Replace boring and ugly plastic beauty storage boxes with this cute and funny Beauty Supplies tin box. Designed to look like a vintage cigar box, this decorative item makes a unique gift for vintage or beauty lovers.
  • Wrigley's Wrigleys 5 React Mint Sugarfree Gum Case Pack 20 - 704986
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Gum, 2x) Cause everyone lies about having gum, she has about 3 packs that she only ever lets some of her girls have a piece of." — @vintagevampire19
    15 pieces in box Wrigleys 5 React Mint Sugarfree Gum Case Pack 20 Please note: If there is a color/size/type option, the option closest to the image will be shipped (Or you may receive a random color/size/type). All of the products showcased throughout are 100% Original Brand Names. Please refer to the title for the exact description of the item 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
  • Violet Chewing Gum 24 pk.: Amazon.com: Grocery & Gourmet Food
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Violet gum, 4x) She doesn't chew it often, but just once in a while when she wants the flavor of it." — @vintagevampire19
  • Abbay de Flavigny Abbaye De Flavigny Rose Drops 1.76 Oz
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Rose mints) CAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING, and Imogene said that Victoria used to give them to Imogene and Amelia when they were little kids. SO she likes them too." — @vintagevampire19
    L'Abbaye de Flavigny French Rose Drops From l'Abbey de Flavigny, individual rose flavored candies with a hit of anise at the very center. The original recipe dates back as early as 872 and is still made at the heart of the Abbey. Product Features All natural. Imported from France.
  • lavender layer cake
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    "(Violet mints) - -" — @vintagevampire19
  • Botan Rice Candy 3/4 oz. - AsianFoodGrocer.com | AsianFoodGrocer.com, Shirataki Noodles, Miso Soup
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Rice candy, 4x) She LOVES these candies SOOOO much. They're sweet, and they're wrapped in rice paper that melts in the mouth. Its another thing that Victoria used to give the girls." — @vintagevampire19
    A great tasting rice candy that is soft, chewy and has a lemon-orange flavor to it. Also each candy that has an inner wrapper that you can eat, which melts in your mouth instantly. Great candy for all ages!
  • Raspberries in Dark Chocolate Bar
    More info
    "(Chocolate, 3x) Chocolate, cause every girl needs chocolate bars." — @vintagevampire19
  • Fuwarinka Rose Essence Soft Candy
    More info
    "(Rose candies) Yet another thing that Victoria used to give the girls when they were little. More flower candies, but she loves them a lot." — @vintagevampire19
    Do you love Japanese stuff? J-List is a wonderful toybox of things from Japan, with hentai games, Japanese anime goods, doujinshi and manga, and more! You've got a friend in Japan!
  • Rose Violet Creams
    More info
    "(Rose/Violet chocolates) - -" — @vintagevampire19
    Delicious Rose and Violet Creams, encased in dark Belgian chocolates, made using real rose and violet oils. With FREE delivery on all orders.
  • Lanvin Quilted leather cosmetics case
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{ODDS+ENDS BAG} Full of things like a compass, handcuffs, etc." — @vintagevampire19
    Navy quilted leather (Lamb) Detachable grosgrain ribbon and gunmetal designer tag. Fully lined in black designer-stamped canvas. Zip fastening along top. Comes with dust bag.
  • Elkins Potter - Gallery - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
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    "(Extendable Ears) Reasons..." — @vintagevampire19
  • SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Swiss Utensil knife) For reasons..." — @vintagevampire19
  • 6 inch Brass Telescope
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Telescope) Magical one that used to belong to Ethan Branch - her great grandfather - that she has with her for /spy/ reasons haha" — @vintagevampire19
  • Handcuffs Belt Buckle
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    "(Handcuffs) NOT FOR DIRTY PURPOSES, but it's Elphie - some expect to get attacked to a chair or the wall at some point in knowing her." — @vintagevampire19
  • 20855-000003-Z
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Lighter) Just in case using a wand is not the optimum choice." — @vintagevampire19
    •Brushed Chrome•Full face emblem•Packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box•Lifetime Guarantee•Fill with Zippo premium lighter fluid
  • Tailor Scissors 6", Accessories, Special Finds at www.fishseddy.com.
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Tailor Scissors) Shia got these for her for sewing, but she keeps them on her for...defensive purposes." — @vintagevampire19
  • The Fashion Row » Deal: Alexander McQueen Skeleton Keychain
    More info
    "{KEYS/KEYCHAIN} For all of the keys that Elphie needs; to her father's motorcycle, to her parents' car, to every apartment /people/ own in NYC, etc." — @vintagevampire19
  • moonstone keychains
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Moonstone Keychain) Legend has it that moonstones can heavily affect a werewolf's personality nearing the full moon...but Elphie thinks its BS and just has it on their for pretty reasons." — @vintagevampire19
    24 Hour Shipping on most orders. moonstone keychains created by Anna_T_Benevides. Customize this design with your own text and pictures or order as shown.
  • Disney's Snow White Princess Key Chain
    More info
    "(Snow White Keychain) Because of her love for Snow White, she has this little keychain." — @vintagevampire19
    Disney's Snow White Princess Key Chain. Metal chain. Plastic figure. Solid. Nice detailed quality.
  • Emerald City Skyline Keychain
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Oz Keychain) Named after one of the title characters in Wicked, she has this - because its /her/ in some ways..." — @vintagevampire19
  • Asprey Compass Key Ring
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Magic Compass) Unaffected by exterior magnetic forces, helps when you get lost if your phone GPS doesn't work." — @vintagevampire19
    Compass Key Ring in Asprey hallmarked sterling silver.
  • Links of London Locket Keyring - Silver Plate
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Locket) It has 2 pictures in it - one of Glinda and Pruitt, the other of Kasper and Annise." — @vintagevampire19
  • Stussy x Victorinox SS Link Pocket Knife
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Swissarmy Knife) For a lot of reasons, she has this, I do not have enough space to list them all haha" — @vintagevampire19
    Stussy team up with makers of the original Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox for AW12. The small pocket knife features a 1.5" blade, file, scissors, pen, toothpick, keyring attachment and is finished with a contrasting Stussy SS logo, adding their stamp to a practical everyday essential. 3" Swiss Made Pocket Knife. 5 Different Functions. Stussy and Victorinox Logo. Limited Numbers.
  • Steve Mono Tony Glasses Case - Black Croc
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{SUNGLASSES CASE} For her sunglasses - these glasses: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/thing?id=49149844" — @vintagevampire19
    Want to keep an eye on this product? Sign up for the OC Stock Notifier! Black crocodile sunglasses case. Single snap wrap-around closure. Premium crocodile embossed leather. Available in black or brown. Made in Spain. Case measures 17.5cm W x 7cm H.
  • Cath Kidston Kempton Rose Glasses Case, Green
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{GLASSES CASE} For her Glasses - these glasses: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/thing?id=12019801" — @vintagevampire19
    Accessorise your glasses with this Kidston floral print case. It's both beautiful and durable for both style and protection. This item has been carefully selected as part of our Home Comforts gift collection. A comfortable, timeless range that taps heavily into nostalgia, Home Comforts is inspired by the mid 1940s and 1950s - a time of innocence, celebration and hope. Items from this collection work together to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making beautiful gifts.
  • DEATH Tarot Card Makeup Bag
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{ELECTRONICS BAG} For all of her electronics and etc that she has - aside from her laptop and her iPad." — @vintagevampire19
    There is no denying him, death conquers us all so why not cheer him on with this makeup bag? This lined "Death" tarot card pouch is sized at 8"x5" and will hold cosmetics or money or whatever you need to carry around. The inside and back is made of natural colored muslin and includes a large zipper to keep everything from falling out! *zipper color may vary Meet the owner of oliviafrankenstein. Learn more about her shop and process. Crystal & Marc
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Headphones) The ones she ends up using a lot." — @vintagevampire19
    Iphone/Ipod jewelry from Bless. These traditional Ipod headphones are embellished with clear rhinestones along entire the length.
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Extra pair) For if anyone loses their's - but only borrowing them from Elphie." — @vintagevampire19
    Black plastic headphones from Years, featuring silver-plated skulls with red eyes on the earbuds and a silver-plated crossbones at the divider. This item comes in a box. -Diameter of internal headset: 10mm -Magnet speaker: Neodymium -Impedance: 16 Ohms +/- 20% to 1 Khz -Sensibility: 97 Db +/- 3Db to 1 Khz -Connection by gold connector, mini jack 3.5mm -Cord length: 1150mm +/- 50mm
  • WAVE Bluetooth Headset
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Bluetooth) At times she wears this when she finds that she needs to be less hands-on with her phone instead of having it wedged between her shoulder and her ear." — @vintagevampire19
    Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset. The WAVE sports three-layer wind-noise reduction, voice guidance, multiuse technology, and a status display. It also has digital signal processing (DSP) technology for c
  • MIMOCO Emily The Strange 16Go USB Key
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(USB drive) For all of her school stuff." — @vintagevampire19
    Since 2005, Boston-based design house Mimoco has fused the art of contemporary characters with the functionality of personal data storage devices making its name known in both the pop-culture driven Art Toy underground and the savvy high-tech 'tronic world. With a mission to bring style and soul to consumer electronics, Mimoco is renowned for their flagship collection of MIMOBOT® designer USB flash drives.
  • Flying Bats Flip Mino - Flying Bats T-shirts & Gifts - Halloween - Gothic Holidays - Dark, Gothic & Spooky - Designs by Theme - Ophelia's Art Home
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Video Camera) For class, taking...videos. YAY FOR BLACKMAIL lol" — @vintagevampire19
  • Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera
    "(Magic Camera) Updated version from ones of ye old past - moving picture camera." — @vintagevampire19
    Amazon.com : Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera : Polaroid Camera : Camera & Photo
  • Microcassette Recorder Wholesale China - #SZ84655
    More info
    "(Voice recorder) She uses this a lot for helping her take notes. Sometimes the professors talk too quickly so she just records their voice and takes notes later on her own time. She took it up after Mina got her into doing it." — @vintagevampire19
  • Marc Jacobs Quilted leather iPad case
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{IPAD CASE} For her iPad." — @vintagevampire19
    Black quilted leather (Lamb) Detachable leather and chain shoulder strap. Designer plaque, zipped back pocket, silver hardware. Internal removable snap-fastening iPad sleeve. Fully lined in black canvas. Zip fastening along top. Weighs approximately 0.8lbs/ 0.3kg. Width 11" / 27.5cm. Height 9" / 22cm. Depth 1" / 3cm.
  • Full- Color Snowwhite Ipad Vinyl Decal
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(iPad) Her sister and brother has one, and she got a white one for the reason she has a white phone - so she can find it - but loves playing with it and doing things with it when she doesn't want to lug out her laptop." — @vintagevampire19
    iDecals are designed for all Apple Products, However also can be applied to any smooth surface. MacBook decals are sized to fit the 13" & 15". For all other sizes send us an e-mail after your order is placed. iPhone decals will arrive for iPhone 4, All other sizes send an e-mail once your order is placed. iPad iDecals will be sent to fit first and second generation iPad. NOTE: If you make a mistake applying your iDecal, Simply send us a e-mail and your second iDecal is Absolutely Free less S/H. All orders will be shipped the same day Including Weekends, most the Same Hour. iDecals can be applied in minutes and can be removed anytime without leaving residue. Please e-mail us if you need any assistance, we are always happy to help you!! Product Features iDecals Only offers High Quality , High Resolution, self-adhesive Premium Vinyl Decals, Precision cut with Brilliant Full Detail. Application Guaranteed!! Mistake applying your iDecal, Simply send us a e-mail your second iDecal is Absolutely Free less S/H. iDecals Offers Only the Best Collection of Apple product iDecals with "The Best" Customer Service!! Easily Applied in Minutes and Simply Removable at any time leaving no Residue. iDecal Ships Same Day 7 Days A week Guaranteed! Most items will be shipped the Same Hour!!
  • The Healer's Helpmate
    More info
    "(Healers book) A book Wil gave her, which lists many of the healing spells and potions needed to help with certain ailments and injuries. She works hard to practice them even if she doesn't plan to be a healer." — @vintagevampire19
    The Healer's Helpmate was a book compiled by H. Pollingtonious, which covered magical remedies...
  • Large Journal
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Magic Journal) Elphie's own personal joural of information, spells, and potions, and other random things that Elphie finds she needs to make note of/finds that she would use repeatedly in her life." — @vintagevampire19
    The Large Journal (bottom) holds a removable notebook with lined paper and features inside pockets to hold cards and loose paper plus a pen loop. Silver. Measures 9" x 12¼" x ¾".
  • Smythson USA Passport Cover
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Passport) Always wise to carry it when you can pop off to places at a moment's notice." — @vintagevampire19
    Pigskin leather-bound passport wallet featuring silver-stamped "United States of America" emblem with interior "Boarding Pass" and "Passport" pockets.5.5" x 4"Available in Black
  • Accessories | New Arrivals
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{WALLET} For all of her cards and etc that she needs/uses" — @vintagevampire19
    This hinge wallet features an image of Dracula on one side and "Bella Lugosi is Dracula" on the other. Interior includes two main pockets, one zipper pocket and lots of slots for your ID and cards.
  • PSD Detail | Money stack | Official PSDs
    More info
    "(Money) Idk how much she should carry, but its enough for small expenses and to be able to take a cab around London or NYC." — @vintagevampire19
  • Visa Black Card
    More info
    "(Credit Card) When there's no cash or when cash isn't necessary." — @vintagevampire19
  • Barneys New York Gift Card size null
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Barneys Card) She lives in NYC and that tends to be a place her mom takes the kids for clothes shopping." — @vintagevampire19
    Picky people love the Barneys New York Gift Card!
  • STARBUCKS (RED) Card « Blah, Blah, Blog
    More info
    "(Honeydukes card) After several coffees, she gets one free - discount card as well *ignore that it says starbucks lol" — @vintagevampire19
  • {HOT} Starbucks $5 Gift Card for Just $2! | Couponing 101
    More info
    "(Starbucks' card) For when in NYC, its on every street-corner nearly in the city, so she has a card of course haha - mainly for the summer months of course when she's away from Honeydukes." — @vintagevampire19
  • three broomsticks | Tumblr
    More info
    "(Coupons) She doesn't crazy-collect them but she snatches them up and keeps them in her purse so she doesn't always have to spend every sickle she gets." — @vintagevampire19
  • Skull Clutch by Natalia Brilli
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{COINT PURSE} For her witch Money - sickles, knuts, galleons. She has it looped around her wrist when shopping in wizard-shops." — @vintagevampire19
  • Unum Galleon, Unum Sickle, Unum Knut Money Coins
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Wizard Money) sickles, knuts, galleons." — @vintagevampire19
  • Valextra Slimline Garment Bag - Navy
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "{Garment Bag} Inside has a complete outfit in case the one she is wearing gets ruined or she needs to change ASAP; it changes season by season what is inside of it - but it also houses her extra flats, her gloves, extra undies, extra tights." — @vintagevampire19
    Grained leather garment bag with flat leather handles. Fabric lined interior.Silver hardwareAvailable in Navy
  • Chloé Mascha leather ballet flats
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "(Flats) Sometimes Elphie has to take off her heels because she twister her ankle or her feet just hurt, so she puts on her flat shoes." — @vintagevampire19
    Chloé black Mascha ballet flats. Leather. Cotton trim and bow, padded inner heel, leather and rubber sole, round toe. Slip on. Italian sizing. True to size.
  • Wellcome Strychnine and Opiate Drug Case - Medical Antique
    More info
    "{Case of Potions} She is not a potions master, but she somehow convinces Leo and Katherine to make her potions to store in her box and in her bag - not for trying to dupe Athena, but for actual use when people need them." — @vintagevampire19
  • More info
    "(Knock-out Potions) They can be taken orally, but with a syringe or two in the potion case, stabbing someone with it [or throwing it at them] and injecting them with the potion is just as good as any tranquilizer - actually, better." — @vintagevampire19
  • Restart My Heart
    More info
    "PART 2 OF HER PURSE: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1944448" — @vintagevampire19


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Nice lol

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I understand the bag but for moses sakes.

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@nutz4lutz Think about who her parents are....then you understand the bag XD

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@much-better-now @nutz4lutz @let-there-be-light Updated haha, working on part 2 XD

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