The 1st thing you see is some funky heels. The left one is cool and spunky, and the right one is boring flowers and no heel support. The 2nd thing you see is 2 sweaters. The one on the left if fun, and the one on the right is just a disaster waiting to happen. The 3rd thing you see is the sweater dresses. On the right you see a nice color grey, with a nice collar. But, on the left it looks like the same grey, and they are but since the dress is so boring it doesnt let the grey be a happy color. the 4th thing you see is the leather jacket. The one on the left is fun with the side zip, while the one on the right is a weird design. The 5th and final thing you see are Vans. Vans are very in right now, as long as you have the right color and print. the one on the left are fun, bright colors that remind me of cottan candy. The ones on the left are not the best colors paired, and remind me of a bumblebee. And bumblebees hurt, OUCH! If you dont agree with what i think, dont worry about. Everyone has an opinion, and I respect yours!
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