hey, @leah-weasley here(: krista and ana have both done tips about the apps on their phones, so i thought that i would too c; i think all of them are free!

- bubble shoot: a really fun little game, where you have to pop loads of bubbles by getting three of the same colour together.

- fatbooth: a funny app, where you take a picture of someone and it makes them 'fat'.

- facebook: if you have a facebook account, then you should definitely have the app(:

- fish food: love this game, it's kinda hard to explain but you have to slide the fish and they eat each other, lol.

- fruit ninja puss in boots: you might have heard of fruit ninja, it's the same as that except that there's challenges too which are really fun. you have to chop fruit & avoid the bombs(:

- hyperquiz: you play quizzes against strangers! really fun (:

- instagram: you've probably heard of this. you get an account and upload your own photos and can add filters to them. 

- youtube: i'm sure you know what this is! :P

- camera36O: a photography app with really cool filters(:

- would you rather: you've probably heard of the game 'would you rather', it's the same thing. you're given two options (both really bad) and you have to pick which one you would prefer. you also get to see the percentages of what other people chose, and can submit your own questions!

- line runner: this game is soo addictive! you're a little stick man and you have to jump and duck under little box things.

- logo quiz: there's loadss of logos and you have to type in what they are(:

- one touch drawing: you have to follow the lines and draw pictures without lifting your finger(:

- panda run: unfortunately, i can't get temple run for my phone, but this is quite similar. except you're a panda, lol.

- pixlr-o-matic: for editing photos(:

- wattpad: people write stories and you can read them or write your own! you should check out the website too(:

- agingbooth: similar to the fatbooth, except it makes you look old!

- bmx boy: you're a boy on a bike and you have to go through a kind of obstacle course. really fun!

- idiot test: ever heard of the impossible quiz? it's kinda like that. you have loads of questions that are really easy, but confuse you!

- hd lt purple: facebook in purple! very cool(: idk why the name has nothing to do with facebook though.

- twitter: if you have an account, you should get the app(:

- jumping now: really fun, basically like a free version of doodle jump. you have to keep jumping up and up on these pencils and if you fall off you go into water and only have a few seconds to get out before you die :P

- photo grid: i use this with instagram(: you can make cool collages with your photos!

- snappers: hard to explain, but it's fun! whenever you tap the snapper things they like explode and the pieces of them hit the others, and then they explode, lol. the goal is to get rid of all the snappers in a certain amount of taps.

- solitaire: like the card game(:

- viber: i haven't really gotten the chance to use this yet since i just downloaded it, but it's meant to give you free calls and texts to anyone who has viber!

- christmas ice rink live wallpaper: this is soo pretty! it's an ice rink with loads of people skating and when you tap the people they go faster(:

- snowfall free live wallpaper: this one is pretty too, there's a load of snow falling and pine trees swaying(:

- aquarium live wallpaper: i lovee this wallpaper. there's loads of fishes and they swim around(:

so yeah, hope you have a good weekend(:

- stay beautiful ♥

Leah // @leah-weasley // instagram.com/leahmichelle07 // twitter.com/LeahhMichelle_x xoxo

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