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1. What can i say, im a college student in need of a ipad! each class i never have enough time to write out my notes, but also don't have the luxury of affording an ipad so my dream item is the ipad #collegegirlproblems

2.Michael Kors is one of those designers that has my heart. I have loved michael kors ever since project runway classic days and once i got one look at his line i fell in love, this bag has been on my eye for years and i would love to be able to own it!

3.Betsey Johnson watch! if i start talking about my love for betsey johnson ill never stop so pretty much i heart everything betsey gift card! another college item come next semester not worrying about paying for textbooks would be a dream. Each semester i cringe when thinking about buying new textbooks because i never have all the money for it and hope my friends have past editions, another #collegegirlproblem

5.Tan Booties from forever 21! what girl shouldn't own a pair of these amazing tan booties?! i would rock them all the time, and come up with new places to wear them :)

6.bee do bee do bee do, so despicable me 1 & 2 are my favorites, out of all kids movies it is the best and if i can't own a real minion i'll settle for a plush one!

happy holidays everyone!

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