What's the Theme this week?

What's the Theme this week?
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I will have a variety of themes. Some might be fantasy, some might follow a short story, or have something to do with the seasons or Holidays. It could even be a colour or an animal.
I like all kinds of varieties of sets and the diversity you get on this site. But alas my eyes are bad and having cluttered backgrounds gives me trouble focusing on a pic. I ask that because of this that no big pics or words/news print be used. I don't mind small pieces of clip art to make your pic pop and I don't mind a signature. So if the outfit had to do with winter having snow flakes around the edge or a clip of a snowman would work and small splashes of colour but these things should not dominate the main focus of the set. I do LOVE looking at sets with little bits of flare so I'm looking forward to see what you will all come up with.
Good luck and have fun creating.
WARNING as of Tomorrow anyone not posting a set that follows the themes in the group will have their set removed. The point of the group is to give people challenges by offering the themes for people to try. You can't post any set, even though a lot of them look nice, if it doesn't follow the themes of the group that week.
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