I was tagged by sweet Bettina to say something beautiful (or not) about my friends on poly :D So....

Rosydy - always missing me, always want my new sets :D haha, truly such a sweet girl in poly and in true life, can't imagine poly without her :) My sweet coffeeholic! Love you!

freaky - one of my best friend here with great talent and unique marvelous sets.. always loove to talk and talk with you about everything, no matter what would be about, you always can make me smile even at bad day.. :) hope to see u in real life! 

so23 - awwww i can talk and talk about this girl everyday, such a sweeeet and easy going friend :) Sadly, we haven't talked so much on these weeks, and i miss u so so! You and your sets are just CUTE!

Bettina - always nice to hear about her life, share life's details and just talk and talk! Such a sweet and lovely person! Love your original style, love that you haven't forgotten me! Make sure you are very important to me!

Lilli - awwwwwwwww this is just a cute lovely kitty!! hahah how much i adore her attention to me because of rare visits here haha!! :P Lilli is definitely one of the cutest person here, she is the girl, who make me smile everytime no doubt :)

Vikaki24 - what can i say about this lady? :PP haha nothing good!! no no im joking :D she is always funny, always sweet and easy-going :P and you have no idea how i love your thematical sets! perfect girl with perfect sets :) 

Roxanne - blue tea!!!!!!!!! ahhhaaha i just loove to talk with her about BLUE things :DD hahaaaa that's my girl with a great talent :PPP keep up the good job blue tea :D :P

Mingming - another my cute friend on poly :) Totally love her beautiful sets and great read her comment under my sets! Such a sweet Japanese girl :) Marvelous and lovely sets make me just speechless!

Do Bradshaw - this is another very very sweet girl on poly! everytime glad to see her online, sadly haven't seen her last weeks, but i love her! keep up the good job girl :) miss u!

And i tag all the ppl above :))) Sorry if I miss someone!
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