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Whisper in the Dark by Skillet. This is one of my all time favorite songs. ^^ So, a couple of these questions made me uncomfortable so I just got 

1. What's your name in real life? Sorry, but I’m not comfortable giving my name out over the internet. I go by Dusky in the internet though. ^^
2. Are you a girly girl? I can be, I guess. I don’t really consider myself a girly girl or a tomboy, to be honest. 

3. Are you short? Yes, I am. 

4. Small or big hands? Um, I think their small. ^^
5. Do you like somebody? Nope. 

6. Do you care if your socks get dirty? Um, I guess? Like muddy or grass stains? Yeah, I don’t like that with any of my clothes. 
7. Are you double jointed? No. 

8. Do you like Christmas? Yes! I do! 

9. Where is the weirdest place you've slept? A closet, I think. When it was storming really badly and there were tornados. >..///< 
58. Long hair or short hair? Either way. 

59. Dark or light eyes? Dark, but it doesn’t matter. 

60. Curly or straight hair? Straight, but it doesn’t matter. 

61. Hockey player or football? I don’t like sports (except for Ultimate Frisbee) so I don’t care. 

62. Looks or personality? Personality. 
63. Nice guy or bad boy? Nice guy, I guess. 


If you don't want to that's cool. ^^

EDIT: More then half the questions aren't showing up. O.o I have no idea why. I will try to fix this later. Or just post it again? I'm not sure...

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Wrote two years ago
@helleka Thank you so so much!!!

Wrote two years ago
This is great!

Wrote 4 years ago
@kokafor934 Haha, thanks. XD Yeah, there are 63 questions...I tried posting just the questions and nothing else on a different set but I came across the same problem. I can always try posting a few questions at a time but that would be a lot of work. Not just for me but for the ones I tagged as well. I don’t know. I’ll think of something. ^^

Wrote 4 years ago
Haha!! No you aren't a chatter box at all!! :D If it is a text limit, it's probably because there are 63 questions (are there 63?)


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