when i have my own apartment

yeah i am going to have a different colored rotary phone in every room, will i have a landline? probably not. i am a modern women.
oooh i'm doing this vintage shoot tomorrow for my magazine and i'm going to make it a little inspired by that new vogue picture of elle with spaghetti. we all know what i'm talking about. but a little more relaxed. i have to go to the doctor right now to get birth control, and then go to my vintage shop and pick up clothing for the shoot. slips and some rad stuff. also need to go buy a few more rolls of film. :-) ah yes the life of a boring art kid. (sounds pretentious to call myself that????)
anyway, i was supposed to start school 2 days ago but the teachers in seattle are on strike. which is good for me because i need to get jazz done.

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Wrote one year ago


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