Height; 1,72 m
Hometown; Florence, Italy
Occupation; she worked for a catering line but she gave up when things with Claudio became serious. Now she has recently received some offerts for a modeling career. Also Instagram's addict
Relationship status; Livia's dating Claudio Marchisio from two years. He's a center field of Juventus FC #8 and of Italy National Football Team #8

Likes; beach, pastel colours, appletini, soccer, orange juice, paparazzi, spending relaxing mornings under the blankets hugged at her beloved claudio, taking selfies everywhere and at everytime, sculptures, every form of art, her eyes
Dislikes; people criticizing her, american coffee, black, snakes, faux flowers, claudio being bossy, her english accent, bananas
Personality; Livia's always been very positive and radiant, the kind of girl that makes everyone feel better with her enthusiasm. She's always tryed to look at the best part of everything and everyone. That's why she never get really angry with people, even with the ones that offend her by social media. 
Biography; Livia was the most simple person ever before she was throwed in the magazines as 'Marchisio's new crush'. She was just Livia, a girl that didn't choose to study for starting working at the age of 18, that chose to move in Turin and leave her family. A girl that waitd for sales for buying that dress she loved. But then Prince Charming came and took her away from that ordinary life. Everything started when Juventus FC decided to organise a little party in their stadium for the wi of their last championship. the fate decided that they commissioned it to the catering line where Livia worked in. That's where she and Claudio met for the first time but even if he got her at 'hello', Livia still had her head on the shoulders and after flirting with the football player she disappeared. After some months they met again with a strike of luck in a club. And then, the rest is history. When Claudio showed her that his intentions with that relationship were more than serious, she quit her job and started the glamorous life. All the gossip magazine talked about that new couple and their love that had nothing to envy to the fairytale's ones. At first she wasn't used to all that paparazzi following her everywhere, but then she started liking it. Like she started even enjoying parties and red carpets that became her new ordinary life. The head is anyway still on her shoulders and she perfectly knows that the day Claudio won't be hired anymore, she won't have nothing to sustain herself. Her family isno longer an option, her fater won't ever forgive her for choosing a boyfriend that plays for Juventus - arch-enemy of ACF Fiorentina. That's why, when Livia received a modeling offer, she seriously started thinking about it. Even if this means not having Claudio's support.
Model; Sara Sampaio
Taken by; @martasmiling

Instagram Collection;
Moodboard + Story;
1. On a scale of one to ten, how active will you be?
I think I could give me a 8-9ish. Summer is here and I'mgoing to have more spare time. Also I love Livia's character more and more!
2. Why do you think we should choose you to be part of this group?
I'm very active if the group stays active, I love collabing with people and I always try to keep drama inside the stories. 
3. Why do you want to be part of this group?
I'm looking for a long lasting rp and this have the good basis to become one. Also, soccer! I love soccer - or football - and everything that is around it.

@glittercupcake @golnesaxox
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love this!

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talented roleplayers of polyvore

talented roleplayers of polyvore

have you ever noticed that roleplayers on polyvore don't get as many favorites as people who aren't in roleplays? sometimes roleplayers are soo much more talented than the people not in roleplays, but we don't get credit since we're "just making up stories from books". no, we're not! we're expressing ourselves through our sets. (mkay, that was corny!) join this group and join the movement of undermined roleplayers!

Advertise Your Roleplay

Advertise Your Roleplay

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**Note: Credit for the idea to "The Ultimate Roleplay List".**
Okay, heres what to do. PM one of the moderators to get your RP on here. Include name, link, and the info {bio thing}. We will then announce it on here. AND VWOILA! People can check out your roleplay and join it as they wish!
*Note: Most are celeb roleplays



Welcome to ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS, a reliable and fun source for you to find the hottest new role-plays or advertise one of your own.
ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS is a group in which we keep the roleplay community informed on the latest and greatest roleplays and inspire people to be involved in creating an amazing roleplay right here on Polyvore.
R U L E S //
* Don't submit sets that aren't high fashion role-play sets. This is a strictly high fashion role-play only advertising group. Any sets related to Disney or site-model role-playing will be removed from the group along with corresponding members who submitted them.
* Participate! Compete in contests and let me know if you opened a new role-play group so we can advertise it and add it to the list!
* Don't be upset with me if I'm late advertising or because I don't advertise your group. I'm very busy so please be patient.
* Be polite and patient
* If you'd like to have your role-play listed into the group please let me know via private message by messaging me (@mademoibelle). I will be updating the group as frequently as possible to make sure you find a group that fits your wishes. Please PM me for comments, complaints, or a chance to find a roleplay that fits you.
I M P O R T A N T S Y M B O L S:
+ : This means that the roleplay is accepting try-outs
- : This means they aren't accepting try-outs
º : No longer an active roleplay.
N E W & U P - A N D - C O M I N G R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that have come out within the past couple of months with really cool concepts that are in the opening stage.
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S O C I A L I T E R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that involve a plot such as rich teens or adults living their wild and drama filled lives.
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* These role-plays are about going away to college and finding your way!
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* These role-plays are for those looking to play an adult character without having it all who are paving their own path.
M O V I E S , T V S H O W S, B O O K S, E T C. I N S P I R E D R O L E - P L A Y S:
* As titled, these role-plays are inspired by movies, shows, books, and more!
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M I S C. R O L E P L A Y S:
* Anything that doesn't fall under the other categories goes here!
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E X I T L I N K S:
♔ Roleplay Temp Agency -
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R O L E P L A Y A D V I C E:
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Roleplay Fanatics

Roleplay Fanatics

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