Oh MY gosh!! I freakin love it when it rains!! Some people just hate the rain and are like "GAH! ITS RAINING. NO SUN!" Imm like the opposite, I totally would run outside and do crazy things in the rain. But then my mother would get PO and I would be in major trouble. I dont like getting in trouble cause then I would get grounded from my computer. My computer is a part of me and you cant take a part of me away from me. I dont think that makes sense but it does to me.. sorta. 

Things I would do on a RAINY day::
>make DIY crafts
>have a movie marathon
>bake things then eat them
> go shopping with friendss
> be on my computer
> read a book
> draw in my drawing pad
> take a nap
> write in my diary
> take pics of random stuff
> have a fashion show
> dance to music
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