Annyeong, my lovelies❤️! Sorry that I haven't created any sets lately....
This week I was really busy, I had a lot of homework and a lot of quizzes and tests I had to study for. :( Life REALLY sucked. I got stressed so- I just had to have a break. So I listened to kpop, I don't know there's just something about kpop. Maybe it's the music, the epic dance moves, the awesome MVs, or maybe the lyrics. (And all the cute/hot guys of course! XD) Anyways Kpop really helped me not have a meltdown Kekekeke :)) So glad I don't have school today!!!!!!
So here's my question for you: ?What helps you when you are stressed or upset?
Feel free to share on the comment box below, Kansamida! ✌️
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