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I'm sure for Doraemon fans know it,what's I talking about?
This is Toyota commercial live action ver.and they're grow up to be 30 years old.In cartoon[manga], time stop at they're 10.
Also when i making this set i though to @giko-is-giantsister who is a huge fan of Doraemon&Giant.
And @color-me-red pretty sure you knew about this cartoon.
Yamashita Tomohisa as Suneo>> handsome haha!!
 Mizukawa Asami as Shizuka
Jean Reno as Doraemon
Okawa Naoya as Giant
and Tsumabuki Satoshi as Nobita Also i like Satoshi-kun.
This is second time for Yamapi & Satoshi starring same works first is Queen of lunch time[Lunch no joou,2002] when Yamapi only 17.
-TOYOTA 妻夫木聡 新CM 01「30歲的大雄」篇 (中譯)
-TOYOTA 妻夫木聡 新CM 02「大雄的烤肉」篇 (中譯)
-TOYOTA 妻夫木聡 新CM 03「大雄獨立了」篇 (中譯)
そんなにありがとう。 の場合は常にとても親切で私の友人であることなどの長い時間。
Thank you for everything that you bring happiness and say as you're my fan even i'm not good to received that word.
My dear Fani,almost this year i'm a person who take so many things into you,hope you not found out i'm annoying you that much.
I hope you'll like this set just a part of my funny set for you also hope you don't mind that i'm include both of you in one set coz i'm sure you knew about this set..
Hmmm i love Doraemon&Yamapi haha!!!
but i'm really dislike Suneo haha this version is almost fab Suneo!!!
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