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I was tagged by the always lovely and amazing @luxecouture!!! & because I haven't done a tag in ages, I figured I'd do this one. Enjoy!

Name: Hannah Grace 
Age: 21
Hometown: Somewhere in the Midwest… that’s as close as I’m gonna let you guys get.
Birthday: September 14th
Education: Senior in college!!!!!
Siblings: 2 brothers, one younger & one older 
Sexual preference: Straight
Religion: Raised in a non-denominational Christian church - now I consider myself agnostic
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'9”
Shoe size: 9 or 9.5 
Ethnicity: 50% Polish, 25% Slovak, 13% Lithuanian & 12% Scottish
Any braces: Nope
Any glasses: Yep, eyeglasses since I was about 11 or 12
Any piercings: The usual, one in each earlobe. 
Color: Black & navy blue… that probably sounds super depressing for summer but whatevs haha
TV show(s): American Horror Story, The Office, Pretty much anything on PBS Masterpiece (seriously, I know that probably makes me sound like an old lady, but everything they produce is beautiful and wonderful), 8 Out of 10 Cats, Gossip Girl ;) … probably a bunch of others that’ I’m forgetting!
Food: Gah! What don’t I like lol But I had this delicious Teryiaki Chicken with Green Beans gah! Still obsessed 
Drink: Water
Alcoholic drink: Wine
Car: I have a Hyundai touring , but one day I’d like a BMW
Day of the week: Friday or Saturday 
Number: 5
Season: Autumn
Song: Currently it’s Pompeii by Bastille, I don’t really understand why I love it so much. Bastille is the bestttttt 
Sport: Basketball ♥ is my life. Also, real football but what is known to most Americans as soccer -which I refuse to call it 
Clothing store: H&M or Old Navy probably
Restaurant: Depends on my mood, but there’s this great little Italian place called Mia Bella that’s wonderful -or Sweet Melissa’s, which is a bistro type place 
Radio station: Eh, don’t really listen to it too often, but I guess the classical station in my town
Candy: Kit-Kat
Starbucks drink: Salted Carmel Hot Chocholate, or anything that’s not coffee, I hate coffee. (I 
Holiday: Christmas 
Magazine: Hmmm… don’t know
Flower: Daisies 
TV channel: PBS or HGTV
Random questions.
Do you find smoking unattractive? I’ve gotta agree with Taylor on this one. I know it’s awful for you, but it looks so cool. That being said, I do not like it and the smell is awful. 
Is there someone you’ll never forget? Yeah
When’s the last time you pm’d someone? Maybe a day ago
Where would you live? EVERYWHERE!! Haha probably NYC or on an Italian vineyard or London haha
Do you get distracted easily? Sometimes, depends what I’m thinking about 
Do you think flirting is cheating? Eh, it’s iffy
Are you looking forward to anything? GRADUATING!! IN DECEMBER!
When is the last time you punched someone in the face? Never
Does it take a lot to make you cry? I keep a lot/most of my emotions bottled up inside so there are definitely times when they get the best of me and I cry. I think crying is therapeutic sometimes. It really depends. 
That or that.
Dog or cat? Dog :D
iPhone or Android? Android, only because that’s what I have. Never had an iPhone
Hugs or kisses? Depends… sometimes neither ;D
Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Instagram don’t have a twitter and I’m tempted to get rid of my Facebook
Theatre or Netflix? Gah! I don’t know, probably Netflix because I don’t have to go anywhere, but I do enjoy a good movie in a theatre
Day or night? Night
Spend or save? A little of both
Text or call? Probably text
Have you ever:
Drank alcohol? Yes
Smoked anything? No
Had sex? ---
Been to another country? Yes
Been to a concert? Yes
Yelled at someone? Yes
Got into a fight? Not an physical one, but yeah
Told a lie? Yes
Been out of state/country? Yes
Snuck into a movie? No
Failed a test? Probably
Been in love? Nope
Met someone famous? Yes
Been in a car accident? Only a minor one
Cussed at your parents? I hate to admit it but yeah - BUT IT WASN’T ABOUT THEM. It was just me frustrated about something
Been cheated on? No
The last thing you've done:
Person you kissed: ---
Person you saw: My younger brother
Thing you said: Less than 12 hours! 
Thing you did: take a shower
Thing you ate? Apple
Called: Mom
Called you: Mom
Five people that mean a lot to you on this website:
Again, I agree with Taylor. Let me quote her, “I CANNOT DO THIS I WILL LEAVE PEOPLE OUT AND I HATE HATE HATE THAT but you should know who you are I would hope? ILY ALL” haha it’s true though! 

Five things you hate: Just 5! Ahah just kidding. Ignorant people, Conceited people, brussel sprouts, the fact that the entire Kardashian family is famous for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Ridiculous, not talent at all, Conspiracy theories
Ten things you can’t live without: music, books, dogs, Burt’s Bees, travelling, museums, Internet, tea, youtube/Netflix, & food.
Tag five people: @the-artful-puppet @piccolamarisa @nicciclark-suupernerd @and-itsrachaelmichelle & @welldonedarling (in the hopes that you come back ♥) Obviously don't feel obligated to do this!!


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