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Love Will Tear Us Apart // Joy Division

This is so weird, because I have never made a set like this but here you go. I hope everything is okay! Also, @withlove-kirsten I don't know if I should tag you or not, but usually roleplay moderators want me to tag them when I audition, so hopefully you won't mind it! 

Also, the pictures I chose of Astrid kind of show some of my character's sides.

name-- Elizabeth 'Liz' Green
age-- eighteen 
caste-- three ( i will change it if necessary, i just didn't know where her parents would fit in )
known as-- the shy hurricane
likes-- long walks, books, passion fruit, quirky things, playing the piano, running on the fields, spending nights on the roof of her house, admiring the constellations the smell of vanilla and lavender
dislikes-- lies, the smell of rum, seeing hungry and hopeless people, being responsible of her sister's life, her step father and her natural father as well. 
personality-- Elizabeth's nickname couldn't suit her better. She is shy at the beginning, because she has learnt from her own experience that getting attached to people often hurts you. However, if you do get to know her and you break through her mask, you'll find a fairly unpredictable person. Mood swings happen all the time and she is often indecisive when it comes to even the simplest of things. She can be very mature and aware of the world she lives in and how things work, but she seldom acts childishly and being the oldest child in the family can be a horrible punishment at times. Her parents' separation did hurt her and she never really stopped hating her father for leaving them. She can sweep you off your feet, she can break your heart, she can even break her own heart - it all depends on her mood.
appearance-- Elizabeth has strong French features, even though her parents have no connections to the country whatsoever. Her smile is not very often displayed, but she does have a charming figure when she does. Her eyes are a dark colour that switch from brown to almost black, depending on the season, and her full, rosy lips are desired by many men. She can look innocent and childish, or grown-up and seductive, thanks to her cheek bones that can be easily flattered with a little bit of make-up and her beautiful eyes.
model-- Astrid Berges Frisbey 
family-- Charles Green, 44 - Her natural father was a former architect that developed his passion for art by creating several art galleries. Liz looks a lot like her father, relatives stating that they had the same eyes and relatively the same personality. As a child, Elizabeth was extremely close to her father, they used to do everything together. But then, her father left when she was only twelve and she suddenly felt hatred towards him, feeling as if he had abandoned them because she had failed him.

Adonia Green, 42 - Elizabeth's mother has roots in Greece, her name being a strong proof of that. She is a petite woman, with dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Her complexion makes you think of that overwhelming idea of Mediterranean beauty, always wearing a tan to make contrast between her hair and her face. She is somewhat short, especially compared to her older daughter and her former husband. She is a fragile person, and the break-up smashed her heart, transforming her into an emotional wreck. 

Dominic Fronman, 45 - He is Adonia's second husband, the head of the local police. Indeed, he is a smart man, with light brown hair and pale complexion and big, sea green eyes. His body is sculpted, his muscles showing at every move, and he is impressively tall. Even though Liz hates to admit it, he is a fascinating man, having a lot of knowledge in almost any subject that can be brought up in a conversation. He is not very good at approaching Elizabeth, who is cold as ice around him, but he is a loving husband and adores his child, Eva, Liz's younger sister.

Eva Fronman, 4 - The youngest of the family, and the noisiest. While all the other members of the family, this fairly pretty girl can drive you mad. She is constantly seeking for adventure and entertainment, her bruises and scars showing the fact that she can never stay still. She is spoilt by her parents, but her cute baby blue eyes and eyelashes do not charm Liz that much, her older sister being the only one who ever makes the kid get some sense inside her head. Her curly ginger hair makes her stand out, none of her parents having any kind of red-headed relatives.
bio-- You could probably say that Elizabeth had contact with the real world too soon. But this made her who she is and she is proud of her scars, her mistakes, her qualities and successes. She has been through a lot of emotional trouble and constantly feels unwanted, which makes her pretty similar to a sponge when it comes to affection. Liz takes her time when it comes to making friends, or trusting someone, but she secretly is a believer in love at first sight and all those things you hear about in fairy tales, even though her family background has pointed out that love is not always good several times in her childhood. Most of the people who know her say that when you meet a girl like Elizabeth, you don't really realize what carousel you're entering. And that's true. She is probably one of the most unexpected people in the world, mostly because she does not want to get hurt. Elizabeth loves change, and also loves helping people; however, she can sometimes be selfish or possessive, but that relies on her mood. She dreams about living a life her parents never lived - doing what she liked and never making sacrifices, having no regrets and dying content and in peace. When it comes to settling down, she is aware that she'll have to do it, eventually, but she fears not being a good mother, her own never being exactly the ideal parent. Liz does hope that once she finds the right person, hopefully the Prince, she'll overcome her worries and become fully content with life, finally.
taken by-- Me, hopefully
• Please tell us a little bit about yourself-- your caste, the providence you grew up in, and even your family. Well, my cast is three - my mother is unemployed (she does paint and even makes clothes and sells them if anybody is interested - they're hobbies of hers, as she comes from a good family), but both of my fathers have good jobs. My step father is the head of the local police while my biological father is an architect that owns several art galleries. Um, I guess my family is not a subject that I feel like talking about much, but I suppose I should say that my parents split when I was twelve and them my mother re-married a man that is now called my step father. They had another child, Eva, who is my younger sister. I am not very comfortable around home, but I suppose that I, like any other child, care about my family more or less. I grew up in a small town in the west of the country, which gave me the opportunity to spend time in nature, which is why I love the sky during the night time and the fields around it. 
• How do you feel about The Selection process? Are you excited, tell us what you think. I am very, very nervous. Mostly because I don't think that I am worth of the Prince's time. I am sure there are so many other girls out there who would look perfect around him, but my mother is convinced that I should be in the top three of his highness's choices. I am excited and I do hope nothing bad will happen - I don't fear the other girls, I just fear myself, and the way I will react entering that magical yet twisted world of the Prince and his life.
• What makes you different from the thirty five other selected contestants? Do you stand a chance of stealing the Prince’s heart, do you think you’ll fall for him? I suppose I am difficult to read at first, which gives me a slight advantage, I think I would like acting like the Mystery Girl. For example, a stuck up, rich daddy's girl can be read from the very first sight, I am not like that. I hope the Prince will understand that I am different because I hide the best of me away from the world and it's quite a journey to get to see the real me, with no inhibitions. As for my opinion when it comes to his Majesty, I have always admired him as a person. He seems down to earth, helpful and kid - I can say he even looks permanently happy. And even if that's not true, he is a good actor, as he makes everybody think that life is sweet and cheerful, which is what motivates everybody to move on, to wake up the next morning. I really wish people understood that I am not in this game because I want to get his family's money - no, that is far from what I want. I just want that emotional stability that my family never had, not even now, after my mother remarried.

۩ Story ۩

That look in my father's face still haunts me. Those fierce eyes that were magically covered with tears, and the harsh features of a terribly angry man still overwhelm my brain sometimes. He leaned in and with his palm behind my neck, he pressed his lips against my forehead and then stormed out of the house and that was the last time I have ever seen my biological father. I still dream of him, and there is not a night when I don't scream 'How could you have left me?!' at him, but as I wake up I realize it was only in my mind and he could never see my anger, my frustration, my pain. 

I never understood why he left. Indeed, in the last months of their marriage, mum seemed distant and dare I say it hostile towards him, and I often surprised her secretly talking to the head of the local police, Mr. Dominic Fronman, but I never suspected anything. Was it my mother's fault? It couldn't have been only her. She loved my father more than life, but her infidelity could have been cause because of his ignorance. Maybe. 

I sighed and got out of bed, even though it was nearly half past five in the morning. I put on my riding trousers and a sweater my mother created while being pregnant with my younger sister, Eva. Even though it was supposed to be a for a thirteen year old body, it still suited me perfectly. It was made of soft wool, the colour of caramel, and it had long sleeves in which I could hide my hands, just the way I liked to do whenever I wore pullovers. 

It was a cold day at the beginning of March, and the snow was still not properly gone. The wave of fresh air hit me as soon as I opened the front door, but I decided not to go back and change. It didn't matter that much to me, the feeling of freezing did not bother my skin that much. So I just let my feet carry me towards wherever, realizing that I just needed time for myself, to sort out my thoughts. It was one of those days when the memory of what my family used to be made me feel not depressed, but abandoned. I never really felt depressed, thanks God, but I often felt like I was all alone in this hideous world. I always needed someone to lean on, but I never had the courage to trust someone that much.

I found myself walking back from the cereal fields not far away from our house, or better said Mr. Fronman's residence. It must have been eight o'clock or something around the hour because, once I finally parted my eyes from the ground, I could see workers leaving their homes and heading to their workplace. It was nice, seeing how the town came back to life after such a cold and seemingly endless night.

And I had no clue what the days was going to bring for me. Just as I opened the front door and shook the cold out of my bones, I saw mum shuffling her feet towards me, tears in her eyes as she handed me a fancy envelope. I looked at her confused, but she nodded encouragingly as she told me to open it fast. Soon, Dominic came settled behind her back wearing a smile on his face and holding sleepy Eva in his arms, all of them waiting for me to read the letter out loud. I didn't even pay attention to who the expediter was as I tore the envelope apart and took the tick, high quality paper out and let my eyes fall onto the first few lines. Oh Lord. 

" Dearest Miss Green, 

We are delighted to accept you in the Selection, and you can now proudly say that you are one of the thirty girls that will compete for the Prince's heart."

I didn't read the rest of the letter, I just couldn't believe it was true. Me? This was probably the best day I'd had in a long time.
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