age: 20
style: skinny jeans, simple dresses, high-waisted shorts, messy hair, huge sunglasses
hometown: greater chicago, illinois
bio: growing up, nina was the brainy child of the dawson family. shy and softly spoken, she spent years blending into the background behind her rebellious brother, who always stole the attention. but as time wore on, nina found herself wanting some of the spotlight. to shake her goody-two-shoes tag, and be something other than ‘the smart girl’. the fact that she had outgrown her once awkward, gangly frame helped, too. once nina hit college, she turned into a completely different person – outgoing, cheeky, the life of the party. but nina is losing almost every aspect of her childhood self, and becoming something of a fake, empty shell of the bright, quirky girl she once was. her old friends no longer want anything to do with her, and her new crowd could hardly be called a good influence. her college lifestyle hasn't caught up with her yet, but it's only a matter of time until she lands herself in trouble. and who's going to be around to save her?
occupation: waitress/uchicago student/part-time model
music: childish gambino, simon & garfunkel, florence + the machine, t.i., billy joel
likes: riding her bike, her fake ID, lying in the sun, rowdy parties
dislikes: going to class, being ignored, studying, cold nights
looks: ulya trukhina
status: single
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I almost fell asleep sitting on Q’s doorstep. After a particularly late night with a particular guy from my psych class, a wedding was the last thing I wanted to attend today. But Q was adamant that I be his date – probably because he couldn’t find anyone else who could stand him for the day. Also, probably because the last time I’d seen Phil, he had to drive my drunk ass home, so I was indebted to him and I couldn’t not turn up.

“You’re wearing white to a wedding?” Q asked, emerging from the doorway. “Isn’t that not allowed?”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s cream. And that’s so outdated.”

“Whatever.” Q strolled the few feet to his beat-up car, opening the passenger side door for me. It was one of the moments I wished he was like his other friends, with flashy cars that you didn’t need to kick to change gears. 

But it was probably better than riding my bike.

The wedding was awash with colour, but we could still easily pick out the group of guys amongst the crowd. Q sidled up to them casually, and I followed in his footsteps, careful to not let my heels sink into the mud below my feet. He high-fived the guys, as I tried to blend in with the group.

“Coming with you brother, huh,” Nick said, grinning as he elbowed me. “That’s a bit lame.”

“He’s the only guy I can stand for more than a few hours... and even then, I can barely stand him.”

He held his hand over his heart in mock hurt. “Ouch, Nina.”

“Aw, and you of course, but I figured you already had a hot date.”

“I’ll never tell,” he smiled, pressing a finger over his lips secretively. He was distracted by another conversation, and I took the opportunity to stroll over to the bar and grab drinks for my brother and I. As I took one in each hand, Phil appeared at my side.

“I hope those aren’t both for you, Nina,” he said with mock disapproval.

“Of course they are, you know I have control issues.” We both grinned, and he leaned in to kiss my cheek. “Congrats!” I said. “This place looks amazing. And you – you both – look really happy.”

“Thanks, Nina. Behave yourself, okay?”

“Do I ever not behave myself?”

He raised an eyebrow. “You’re right. You’re a perfect role model.”

There was a tiny, sappy part of me buried deep inside that loved weddings. And this was no exception. I had to force myself to not tear up as they exchanged vows – I knew I would absolutely never hear the end of it if one of the guys caught me crying. It wasn’t that I wanted to get married, right now, or that I was lonely. But I wasn’t a monster. Seeing people happy – and in love – made me happy, in turn. Cynical, sarcastic me. It didn’t make sense. I knew I wanted it eventually, but looking around at the guys with their platonic dates, I knew I wasn’t the only one alone. 

It would work out.



“So, any hook up stories from last night?” Sandy asked. I’d just stepped into work, and hadn’t even had time to tie my apron around my waist before she jumped right into the personal questions. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t like her. She was the boss’s wife, so I had to play nice. And she was young at heart and kind. But my managers didn’t need to know about my personal life.

“Nothing interesting to report, sorry!”

“How am I meant to live vicariously through you if you don’t tell me,” she whined.

I laughed. “You don’t, Sandy! My life is much more boring than you think it is.”

She shuffled off, faking a huff as she left. Victoria, another waitress, emerged from the kitchen, like she’d been listening to her conversation.

“So what’s the real story?” she asked with a smirk. I was more inclined to share my antics with here... but unfortunately, there weren’t any.

I shook my head. “There isn’t one, I swear. I totally bombed out yesterday. Not even a hot groomsman that didn’t think of my as Q’s little sister.”

“You know, them thinking of you as Q’s little sister isn’t always a bad thing,” she winked.

“I’m pretty sure a lot of them still see me as a 14 year old.”

Victoria now shook her head, disagreeing. “You don’t look like a 14 year old, trust me. But the jailbait thing could totally be working for you.”

“It hasn’t yet...”

She shrugged, grabbing a stack of cutlery and wrapping up the knives and forks in pairs. “What about the guy from the other night? From your class?”

I grinned, biting down on my lip. I’d seen him after our final, and he’d invited me out for a celebratory drink. Which turned into a celebratory five drinks. Which turned into a celebratory night in my dorm room. 

“He’s from Georgia, I think he may have already left to go home for the summer.”

“Well... that was quick.”

“I guess I scared him away.”

“That wouldn’t surprise me.”
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