i was made for you // she & him

this song on repeat. yeah.

i am a little socially akward, i admit.

so. resolutions. i have some.

1. be nicer. im not a horrible person or anything, but i think everyone could improve their niceness a little*

2. work harder in school. im just not working hard enough. im not bragging, but i have always been one of the more intelligent kids in my class. so i never worked hard. but now im in two advanced classes. im not used to studying. im not used to having a super hard time understanding something. and i procrastinate. so, yes i will work much harder

3. clean my room and hipster-ize it

4. keep a journal. i can never seem to do this, and it comes out too much like a blog

5. make more art. 

6. enjoy life more. before i know it, it will be 2012. i need to just stop and smell the roses. 

what are yours? comment them. and maybe something about the lovely set above if you didnt notice it already.

*except for regina spektor. its not possible to raise her kindness level
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