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+Halo Olsen (24) 
Likes: modeling, carrots, photography, shopping, traveling 
Dislikes: smiling, fattening foods, musicals, spiders, wayfarer glasses 
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa 
Halo's blonde hair and blue eyes truly make her look like a South African angel. She grew up on a small, rural farm in South Africa with her mother, father, younger sister, and two older brothers. Halo always dreamed of going somewhere to make something of herself, to pursue something more than just being the “average middle child.” She only had one best friend growing up, Grace, and Grace was always overshadowing Halo with her ski-slope nose and her bright orange hair, a real-life Princess Ariel as Halo referred to her. So when Halo turned eighteen, she made her way north, settling in a small town in Turkey where a modeling agent discovered her on the streets. From then on, Halo's been modeling, and she’s moved to London to really step it up and launch her career. Grace isn’t here to overshadow Halo anymore, but the Elites are. Looks like Halo has to prove herself once again, and this time, it may be harder. 
Current status: B-Lister
Model: Jessica Stam
Taken by: @glitterinmyviens
Collection: -coming soon-

Hi, I'm Halo. Nice to meet you. Um, I am from South Africa ,please don't go all mean girls and ask me why I am no black, and I am a (hopefully) up and coming model.

[comment below your characters feelings toward halo. Also she needs a roommate, so just pm me or comment. We could share an amazing flat.]
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