i love this set. I really do. But I just hate the fact that I don't have any story for it. 

I'm just going to be all clean and confess that I can't RP anymore. Its sad that I can't even write a decent story like I use to.

Reading through all my stories - alone and collab ones - I missed writing. I used to write so much but now? Its depressing.

I do want to write. I still want to RP. I joined with taylor m in hope to be with my best friend in poly. So that I could get the spark that I'm loosing. As I stare at this set and type this out I can't help but feel worthless. I was so happy and excited but it didn't help with my in capabilities of writing a story. 

I don't think there's anymore talent in me. Life is too hectic. I can't even think straight anymore. My heart hurt - literally and I don't know why. I'm nervous all the time. I feel like sleeping the day away but I'm afraid I'll have bad dreams.


Signing off.
I love all of you. 
You know who you are - the ones I talk with, the people who forgot that I exist, the old friends, people I disappoint and yes well my bestest chrisness. 

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