Thank You @polyvore For Top Set of September 4th 2012
I'm Very excited about this set because it is also going to be a little tutorial here in the description. I'll try to keep this very brief, but knowing me you will know Its almost impossible for me to keep something brief.

1. Find Inspiration
I find inspiration in photography. A photo helps me figure out the color combination and theme of my set. The First photo I added to this set was I Based most of my photos off of that one Photo. So, the first thing I do is grab a group of photos that Match or compliment each other. 
Here is what I came up with. 

2. Reduce
As you can see, there is somewhere between 25 and 30 photos which is far to many for my taste. Depending on your way of creating a set, That many photos may be useful. So, next I get rid of photos that I don't absolutely love or if they don't fit in perfectly.
Here is my reduced amount.

3. Reduced and Organized
Still a little bit too many photos? I have to sacrifice even ones I really like to end up with the ones I actually love. Its a depressing process. After I have my desired number of photos, I organize them in a way that pleases ·Hint· If you layer a photo on top of another photo then you should add a white outline so that they don't swallow each other up and fade away. The white outline helps each photo stand out individually ·Hint Over· I even Added a little black text, Just do what pleases you.
This is the result.

4. Add Text and Articles
I choose two or three articles here and there, crop them if needed, and place them neatly into my set. There is no exact way of doing this. Its like the easiest thing and for some reason its my favorite step when i'm making a set.
Added text.

5. Add an Outfit
It is not that simple and we all know it. Id say it took me about 5 hours to pick out the outfit for this set and that is a decent amount of time. Having too many options of clothing can make the process much longer and miserable, Sometimes too little is very helpful. Just go with what you love most and be creative.

That is the end of my tutorial. After I have completed all of these steps I start getting creative with the color tiles and occasionally picture frames. I love to speak my mind so you don't have to worry about reading the gibberish I put on almost all of my sets.

I love to see people getting creative with the color tiles, and the other lovely gadgets they have in the editor. There is so much you can do with them to help make your own signature look. Be Creative and try something new every chance you get, Release.
Enjoy the set!
I'm Dedicating this set to you lovely people who take the time to support me! Thank you so much everyone. @neyecci @daniela-f @natasha-sido @efitzger @annasousa-1 @krissi-g @jenny-elle @drn57 @balletfun27 @solespejismo @mennac @ohteacup @kim-terme @bohdelicious @are-you-with-me @nathaly-14 @tripleheart @myduza-and-koteczka @ashley-rebecca @bestdressx @liliemc @rosesred @mponte @pastel-punch @shaneeeee
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