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December 25: Merry Christmas! It's Christmas day! Take this day to enjoy your family and your day off. Go shop around the city, attempt to eat another huge holiday meal, just don't get into any risky business. It's the one (sure) day that nobody has to work on. Enjoy it!
As it was on every Christmas, I was the first to wake up in the morning. I snuck out of my room towards Kole’s. He’d left the door closed and even wrapped jingle bells around its handle, but not even that could stop me. I was the Ninja Christmas Elf dammnit! Silently easing the door open, I fulfilled the first annual Hamilton tradition of Christmas day; I jumped on my brother’s bed and tickled him till he woke up. 
“Oh Christmas Kole, oh Christmas Kole, how lovely are thy branches!”
And as per usual this brouhaha woke up Kata, who would race in to join in. Laughing and red in the face we would all thunder down to the tree. Katarina bounded into the kitchen and got breakfast started while Kole and I started rifling through stockings. 
“Yes these are the best cookies ever!! I love you Kat!”
 “I trust you would have said that Kole even if I hadn’t given you snickerdoodles!”
Kole shrugged his shoulders as he dug into the cookies, “You’ll never know!” 
Eating a spot of breakfast before my parents turned up we dug into the bigger presents. Katarina got a brand new set of pots and pans for the kitchen from my parents. Kole eagerly tore apart a large present for himself at the same time. When it revealed the TV he’d mentioned to dad months ago, he freaked out and ran up the stairs with it. There was a small present tucked away in one of the branches for me. When I opened it up, there was a tiny necklace inside. As I pulled the delicate necklace out of its box I saw that it was a tiny oak leaf. 
“Now that, my dear, is an old family heirloom. Usually a Hamilton man would give it to his son when they got married to give to the newest member of the Hamilton family but, your grandmamma made me promise that I was going to give it to you when she passed away. Even though you may not always be a Hamilton or a Bichcova, you’ll always be a Hamilton to me” My dad gave me a kiss on the cheek, when he turned away I could see a tear falling down his scruffy face. 
When I heard a knock on our door, I scurried over and saw Lizabeta{@alycat} through the window. 
“Merry Christmas!” I gripped Lizabeta tightly. “You too kish!”
 I pulled her inside while my family wished her a merry Christmas. But I just wanted to show off my bounty from the morning. There was also the matter of Alaric, and everything that had happened the night before. I had to tell someone. 
When we reached my room Liza handed me my present. As I pulled back the delicate folds of tissue paper I saw the flats I’d been pining over for weeks. Their tiny whiskers brushed against my hands, they were perfect. “Thank you!” I exclaimed as I cradled my new shoes to my chest, “Seriously, you’re the best.”
 Kat called us back down, just before I wanted to ask about Ric. I still couldn’t figure out what was going on. As we ran down from my attic room we passed Kole’s door. I pulled Liza in because she had to see Kole’s new tv. Since we were little we would stage massive movie marathons and now they were clearly moving camp. 
While Lizabeta opened the presents from my family, I felt my phone buzz in my sweatshirt pocket. Unsurprisingly, it was a text from Alaric. 
“I need to see you tonight, can we meet up? I’ll try to explain”
Before I replied to Ric, I heard Kole denying his adorable gift to Lizabeta. “No I didn’t, it was all him” I chuckled. 
After Liza collected the Bar family presents, we retreated to the couch overlooking the snow clad street. As I sipped my hot chocolate I asked about her Christmas morning. 

“Everyone’s either drunk or more stuffed than the turkey.”
“Just like every other day, right?” She paused, taking a deep sip of the hot chocolate, “So what are we doing for New Year’s?” 
Shrugging, I “Kole said he’s going into the city, but you know... he’s 21...”
“And we have fake IDs?”
“You know I lost mine at Pacha last week.” I sighed
“God, Kisha, get one of the guys to make you a new one.”
“Yeah, but then they’ll be like ‘you owe us a favour’,” she said in a gruff voice.
“Is that your mafia voice?”
I grinned, “Yeah.”
“Tell Kole we’re tagging along with him.”
“I don’t think he’d like us putting a dent in his plans for the night...” I knew for a fact Kole had a theory about New Year’s that usually involved five blonds and at least three Asians. 
“What plans? We’re fun.”
“Yeah, but, like... what if he wants to hook up or something? I don’t want to see that,” I almost gagged on the words
“We’ll just have to do the same, I guess.”
After Liza left I changed to go see Ric. As I pulled on snow boots near the door Kole walked over to me. 
“Hey little sis?”
“Yeah? I’ll be back in time for dinner-“
“You’re not meeting that Benares kid, are you?” 
I hadn’t told him about Ric. “Why do you ask?” I kept myself absorbed in lacing up my boots. 
“I don’t want you seeing him.”
Laughing I looked up at him,” Please Kole, like that’s supposed to -“
“No Kisha, listen to me. I don’t want you hanging out with him!” 
Disgusted, I ripped the door open, “Shove it, kole. Merry Christmas”
As I stormed down the street, I collided with a tall hulking figure. 
“Oof, sorry- Anton?” Looking up I saw that it was one of Kole’s close friends and one of Ania’s brothers @foreverandalways-jami
He stuttered, “He-hey Kisha, Merry Christmas” Anton squinted out of a black eye. 
“If you’re looking for Kole he’s still in the house,” I pointed back at the apartment, but Anton was looking at me funny. Granted, that was probably because his eye was partially swollen shut but still. 
“N-no, just wanted to give you this,” He pushed a small wrapped package into my hands. “Merry Christmas, Kisha.” And he ran down the street, not towards our apartment, but the subway entrance. 
“Merry Christmas?” 
By the time I reached Alaric’s street, it was much later than I had anticipated. My common shortcuts and alley ways had crossed over into the unsafe zone and gangs of chuckling boys roamed the streets. As I trotted up the stairs to Alaric’s apartment a group of kids surrounded the base of the stairs. 
“Eh ruski, what you doing? You’re a little far from home ain’t ya?” 
I counted nine angry faces. They looked very Irish to me, and I realized, I was out of my turf. 
“I don’t want to cause any problems guys, it’s Christmas” raising my hands I leaned against the buzzer. Behind the door I heard thundering footsteps, Alaric swung the door open. “Get outta here Donnelly, you too Boyd, what would your mother say if she knew you was out on Christmas.” He pulled me in by a shoulder and swung the door shut. 
 “Alaric,” I started to cry, “What the hell is going on?” he grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. 
“I’ll tell you as soon as we’re inside. I never should have brought you here.”
Once he’d settled me down on his couch and wrapped me in a big tartan blanket, I started to calm down. Ric had even shoved a steaming mug of tea into my shaking hands. But he hadn’t relaxed, he kept pacing in front of me. 
“Are we gonna start talking or -“
“Kisha, I haven’t wanted to tell you this but, I’m pretty sure you know whats going on now. When I figured out you were, you know at that party. God I freaked out. And I shouldn’t be this sselfish but Kisha, you’re the best thing that’s happened to me these past few months and-“ He stopped and pulled out a necklace he wore under his shirt. He sat down next to me and dropped the necklace in my hand. It had a picture of the Virgin Mary, and next to that charm was, a tiny black celtic knot, with a crow in the center. 
I clasped my hand to my mouth, “Oh god, Ric you- shitt!” Burrying my head in my hands I tried not to sob. He was a member of the Irish mob, and the Russians were not fans of them. 
Alaric reached around me and held me close. 
“Please say this doesn’t make you want to leave, please”
Through tears I choked out, “I couldn’t if I wanted to Ric.” Smiling I tucked my head under his chin. 
“We’ll figure it out Hamilton, I promise.” 
WOOO! Story update, that was long!!!
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