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An art collage from January 2010
AnnieOakley - 10

AnnieOakley - 10

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[*ahem* Is this on? tap-tap-tap] __________ I'm a newbie here. Just fooling around with whatever looks bright and shiny. My creative impulses are something that I just can't shake. I'm forever gluing things onto envelopes before I mail them, I can't stop doodling at work, all my books are underlined, my journals are full, I have cut up all my magazines and taped things all over my walls....but it isn't enough. There's a part of me that wants to !!*produce*!! something, so that I can hold it up to people and say "Look! THIS is what I do!" And then there's a part of me that doesn't want to do anything that smacks of trying to earn money because, you see, I've been working all my life, and is sheer enjoyment. But then, I would like that ego boost of seeing something I made exist somewhere other than the computer screen. And I would like to make my son proud of me, too. Although I know he loves me, regardless. I have time to play, I tell myself. I have time to see what develops. Thank you for wandering around and (I hope) enjoying my sets. And thank you even more for sharing your own bright and shiny sets!!!
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