Baby I // Ariana Grande 

Picked Couple Selena and Jc Caylen

Story how they meet!!
Selena just finished shopping , While she's walking her phone ring in a loud noise SHE GOT SHOCKed , And drop her belongings .
Jc saw herand run and help her , That day started there datings , and they become couple.

[x] 5PTS Include a pair of heels
[x] 5PTS You say something positive about your set
10PTS EXTRA if you answer this question about Nicolle Correctly
You are born, ithink?
B. September 4th, 1998

The Black Haired (Purple)
They seem to be the more mysterious type. They are also shown to be shyer than most. But don't let that fool you they are super friendly. You just have to wait for them to open up to you!
1. @standoutsingout (Ash) (Alpha) (16PTS)
3. @sowhatiloveart (Sharliz)
4. @ellekatmills (Elle) (40PTS)
5. @lizzy88 (Lizzy) (25PTS)
6. @she-who-cannot-be-named (Hamial) (65PTS)
7. @cenisa-gutierrez (Cenisa)
8. @moe-is-not-on-fire (Morgan) (30PTS)
9. @valerie-valentine (Valerie)
10. @xxameenaxx (Ameena) (5PTS)
-PTS- 181

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