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"Sexy And I Know It"

Hello @makeme-beautiful i just want to start off by saying i really liked this challenge it was fun and motivating! Also thanks for showing me the http://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates account she is awsome and im gonna use this account to find different ways to exercise-♥

♥~I Knew i wasnt going to have internet acess so i wrote down Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of the "Daily Exercise Plan" http://backonpointe.tumblr.com/post/15968075542/a-daily-exercise-plan-do-these-exercises

~♥I really liked this because you didnt have to do it all at once, I did mine throughout the day. So i got my exercise in but without really even knowing it (well besided the pain in my thighs (:) I will most deffinatley do these workouts 3-4 times a week depending on the days i dont have lacrosse~♥

~♥I really also wanted to cheeck out the youtube workouts so today I did "Gangnam Style Call Me Maybe Mashup Squat Challenge" I choosed this one because i love squats and also i didnt have alot of space to workout lol.. So anyways I really Liked it! the moves were easy to follow and i could really feel the burn in my legs. I also really like the instructor becaause she is not overly obnoxious and annoying like some video trainers. So i will deffinatley go back on that~♥

~♥ I dont really listen to music when i work out because i usually dont (im always playing some sort of sport) (or ill watch tv when im running on the treadmill, etc) but some songs i love to listen to to get me pumped up for a game is..
'Stole My Heart- One Direction`
`What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction`
`I Believe in a thing called Love- The Darkness`
`Some Nights- FUN`
`Burning Up- Jonas Brothers`
and then this Rihanna song that i do not know the name of but is always playing on the radio when im at Lax Practice (its catchy) ~♥
Bonus!!! An exercise i love to do is to lay flat on my back and have my legs totally straight and together and then slowly lift your legs up wards well your body also comes up and then slowly go back down but dont let your feet touch the ground. (i usually do like 30 of these at night)

~♥So like everyone wrote about how body image can effect your life and etc etc etc, personally i was always the tallest and i was quite chubby like really chubby when i was little... Now im big chested, tall, medium size, wide shouldered girl. Yes I'am insecure but my body really has helped me playing sports my height and wide shoulders has helped me become a better basketball palayer and well idk really where im going with this whole story but what im trying to say is appreciate your body and respect it!! and theres always someone out there with the same body shape that you can look up to! For example my mom once told me that its okay that im tall,have bigger thighs and have wide shoulders and chest because so does beyonce. I mean of course im not as skinny as her but beyonce is no twig she is a full on beautiful women with curves so she really inspires me~♥♥♥
Okay sorry if that was confusing;D
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