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Everything will be okay. I promise you it will. You are so kind and so talented and so amazing and you deserve nothing short of unconditional love. So maybe your crush doesn’t like you back. Maybe that person decides out of the blue that they don’t want to be your friend anymore. Maybe your parents are giving you a hard time over grades or your sexuality or a lifestyle choice. But I promise you everything will be so much better. Life goes beyond this moment. Life goes beyond the next thousand moments. So right now, it may seem like everything is darkness. Right now, you may be staring into your future and seeing no conceivable way of finding any semblance of light ever again. Right now, you might be sitting by yourself having an emotional breakdown because you don’t know why nobody ever seems to love you for who you are. Nobody seems to want you for who you are. But I swear to God you are such an important human being. Maybe you don’t see it. Maybe you’ll never leave the little town you were born in. Or maybe you’ll live in a huge city where you feel like you could disappear and nobody would even notice. But I promise you someone has looked at you and seen something that they wanted. Maybe they wanted you. Maybe they wanted to be more like you or have one of your character traits. Maybe they looked at you and wished they could have your nose or your smile or your hair or your chin. Or maybe you smiled at a stranger and that minuscule act of kindness convinced them that they didn’t want to commit suic*de. No matter what, you have effected people. And the world would have been so much worse if you were never in it. 

If you read this, comment "you're important".

Stay gold,(・ω・)ノ

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