this set is in response to @bommie-says-saranghae who tagged me in a set, i don't usually do these type of tags but just felt like doing some of it:))
ABC About me: A- Available- physically yes but mentally no
B- Birthday- April 18th (same as Jessica Jung)
C- Crushing On- always Hyun Bin before all others
D- Drink you had last- tea with lemon, made at home
E- Easiest person to talk to- my brother and my cousin andrea
F- Favorite Song- Xiah Junsu uncommitted, Jaejoong insa, Sunggyu only tears, and jung yup why did you just now come just to name a few but really there are so many.....................
G-Gummy bears or gummy worms- neither, i don't like jelly type candies of any kind
H- Hometown- Pensacola, Florida
I- In love with- Hyun Bin oppa
K- Killed someone? not lately
Favorite animal- puppies
What color do you wear most? blue
Least favorite color- red
What are you listening too? at this very moment nothing but earlier i was just listening to Eric Muns voice (love his voice)
Can you whistle- somewhat
Love at first sight- Hyun Bin
Do you like rollercoasters- no
Have you ever been on a plane- yes, i love to fly especially if i'm fortunate enough to go first class
Have you ever been to the ocean- yes and i live on the gulf coast
What was the last thing you bought- a jr. meal from Burger King:))
What was the last thing on TV you watched- Being MaryJane
Do you cry when you get an injury- not physical injuries but when my feelings are hurt then yes
Are you a happy person- i'm very moody, very high upswings and very low downswings
What is your current hair color? light auburn 
Your eye color? black
Short or long hair? short
Well that is about as long as my ADD will let me tolerate doing this so that's it for me, i can never finish these type things:)))))))
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