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Where would you go to if you could fly anywhere on Earth?
• New York, London, or Paris
How many books do you own? 

• a few... haha, cant be bothered to count them
What’s your favorite movie from your childhood?
• ?!?! no idea.... maybe The Incredibles?!
Who’s your favorite teacher?
• My year 6 teacher

What’s your favorite kind of clothing?
• Vintage :) 

Bad habit?
• Being silly at bad times :P

What was the last fictional thing you cried over (Book, movie, or show)
• the movie "Ghost"... i watched it last night :'(
What was the last vacation you took?
• went to Nambucca Heads with my cousins.... not really that amazing... but it was fun anyway 

What’s on your walls?
• posters, a mirror, cards & pics of friends and family, some of my artworks, whiteboard/calender thingy, quotes and funny pictures, an "A"

Where are you right now?
• in my room, sitting on my chair

What kind of tattoo do you think you would have if you got one?
• something very small on the inside of my wrist, or top of my foot... maybe a small word/s
What did you do last night?
• watched the movie "Ghost" with my family
What’s your favourite album ever & why?
• Take Me Home... One Direction
If you could see any band in the whole world live, who would it be?
• you guessed it: One Direction 

Explain your icon. 

• it a cookie thats too big to fit inside the rim of a glass of milk 

What 3 things always make you feel better?
• friends, sleep, not having any assignments/homework left to do (i know, im such a nerd)
What’s your idea of a perfect night?
• movie marathon at home with friends 

What are you looking forward to right now?
• right now? right this very moment?... showing @auzziea my school diary cover 

What’s your favorite smell?
• i don't really have one specific one.... but i like the smell of: chocolate, caramel milkshakes :P , this really nice hand cream i have :D

What are you reading right now?
• Emma, by Jane Austen (for school) 

What’s one thing on your bucket list?
• writing something in sunscreen on someone's back while they're tanning.... >:) (@auzziea)

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