Seoul Mate 

I wrote something long ago but now I ended by mixing two stories and since I'll be busy with my last exams I'll probably update in about 2 weeks! hehe



“Hey! Look at what you’re doing!” My friend’s voice calling from the entrance of the office made me realize that I had almost ruined one of my drawings. I pushed my portfolio to the side and put the pencil on the table, shaking my head.

“What’s wrong now?” G let out a heavy sigh as he sat in front of me.

“Nothing!” I defended myself but he simply frowned in response. “Nothing’s wrong!” I tried to convince him but all he did was taking my laptop. I tried to take it back, but he had already seen what I was checking some minutes ago.

“Nothing? And U-kiss official twitter page is open?” He asked glowering. “And you were checking SHINee’s last pictures from Japan?” I opened my mouth, but closed it at once when I noticed I had nothing to say. “You need to focus” My friend said gesticulating like you’d do when you talk to a small kid. I gave up and ruffled my hair with both hands.

“I can’t, G, I can’t! I don’t know what to do, I just can’t focus, something’s bothering me so much and I don’t even know what it is!” I was at the edge of my nerves; I was so frustrated that tears started to form in the back of my eyes. My friend looked at me reprovingly and shook his head in disbelief.

“We’ve worked hard for this, we need to show everybody that we deserve this project, I understand you have problems but I need you now, completely focused and supporting me like you’ve always done, we’re a team, I can’t do this alone, please go back to your normal self” I could feel that he was starting to get annoyed by my behavior, G would usually laugh and try to help me, but this time he was scolding me “Jaeseop hasn’t updated his twitter, he’s abroad, he just left yesterday and Minho…” He made a pause “You don’t have to worry about him anymore, actually you don’t need to worry about any idol, you need to finish those drawings by tomorrow, I’m counting with you” G stood up and left my office as he sighed again. I stayed there completely surprised by G’s speech, he had never talked to me like that previously and the truth was that I felt hurt and confused. 

“By the way” G reappeared leaning his body against the door. “The problem is you don’t worry about Minho as much as before, you’re thinking about someone else but you can’t accept that, that’s why you keep looking at his pictures and it’s so confusing that you’re…”

“I’m confused so much already, please G, make it easy.”

“You’re putting too much attention into someone else… maybe… Jaeseop?” I rolled eyes and threw him a pen. 

“Go and call your boyfriend! We need the car to buy the fabrics!” He left me alone as he chuckled amused.

Next days I was completely focused on my work, I had a deadline and I was working like crazy, drawing, cutting patterns and not trying to think about the fact that I missed seeing Jaeseop, even though if it was just few minutes and I hated him…

“You hate him, why are you so pathetic?” I asked to myself. I was sitting in Destiny, with G and his boyfriend, they were an adorable couple and thanks god they never made me feel like the third wheel, they acted more like friends, like very good friends and I could go around them without feeling uncomfortable.

“Sorry, what?” G’s boyfriend asked me.

“Lee, she’s talking to herself, don’t mind her” My best friend laughed as he continue to recommend some dishes to his boyfriend, I opened my mouth pretending to be offended and took my cellphone, there were no updates on my twitter, except for one from a friend saying that she hate the traffic in my city and that she was stuck listening to Jason Mraz, just before I closed Twitter I saw new updates. My heart pounded so hard and a big smile crossed my lips, Jaeseop finally updated saying he was back. I had to fight hard against the will of leaving that place as soon as possible and go home, stand next to the entrance door and wait for him to come, just seeing him would be enough.

“And if I do so; I’d probe I’m insane” I mumbled again.

“What did you say?

“I’m singing Insane, you know BTOB’s song!” I laughed awkwardly to the two males who simply exchanged looks and shrugged. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t see Jaeseop that day, or the day before and finally the day of my housewarming party arrived, G and I decided to have lunch together at home, I headed back to my apartment as he took care of something in the office, on my way I bought sushi, I didn’t feel like cooking in that moment and we would be busy enough preparing my party to actually do it.

*It’s already 2012, let’s ready to…*
I took my cellphone from my bag and picked up the phone as I tried to balance the things I was holding on my hands to press the entrance code.

“Hey! Lee’s going to Busan tonight, I’m having lunch with him instead…he will be back next week.” G excused himself and I simply nodded as if he would be able to see me. I tried to press the buttons to open the building’s door but someone else did it on my place, I turned around to…

“See you later then, you’re still coming tonight, right?” I asked absent minded, looking at Jaeseop as he stopped the door for me.

“Sure, see ya!” I said nothing and hung up the phone..

“Thank you” I said and Jaeseop simply smiled at me.

“It’s been a while” He said as we waited for the elevator, both of us looking at different directions.

“How was Colombia?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Fine, Dongho’s phone got stolen the last day, but we enjoyed it a lot” Jaeseop said.

“Didn’t I tell you to be careful?” I said in a reproaching tone, he simply smiled as the elevator doors opened.

“I was, but Dongho is always losing everything” He replied and I rolled eyes.

“Maknaes are always like that, Taemin was exact…” I realized that I was about to talk about SHINee, so I stopped at once and followed Jaeseop inside the lift. “Did you like Colombia?” I quickly tried to fix my mistake

“Good experience but I felt awkward” He replied clumsily.

“Awkward?” I inquired, pressing the button on the panel.

“I don’t know how to explain it, it’s beautiful over there but it’s so….”

“Different?” I replied, knowing what he meant. Jaeseop nodded and the doors closed. 

“And I still need to get used to the jetlag, but fortunately I have the rest of the day off” he leaned against the buttons panel.

“Sounds good” I said and he nodded in agreement.

“Tell it to me!” He yawned.

“Well, rest and sleep, see you around, bye” I said when the elevator reached the 4th floor. I was about to leave when Jaeseop spoke again

“Oh, and thank you!” I turned around just in time to see how the doors closed.

“Thank you?” I repeated confused.

Later that night G arrived with some snacks and appetizers that his boyfriend had prepared as well as a bottle of vodka and a note from ‘Lee’

“Am I the only one who finds weird the fact you call your boyfriend by his last name?” Zsuzsi asked frowning.

“Probably not” G accepted as he left my friend and I standing by the door.

“And that’s my adorable best friend, who happens to have Salem the cat’s personality combined with some comedian and fashion artist’s traits” I said to Jameel, the girl that Zsuzsi had taken to the party and who -apparently- was dating Kris.

“You’re just best friends?” Jameel asked minutes later when I was leaning my head on his shoulder, while we were sitting on the couch.

“He’s gay” Zsuzsi mumbled “But he acts normally most of the time” The doorbell rang and my friend jumped to open the door, I had told him about the possibility that someone from Big Bang would appear with J, so he was over excited to see them closer. I heard horrified the word oppa coming from his mouth and I felt like killing him.

“Except when he’s around idols” I said ashamed, suddenly all the embarrassing memories with him and SHINee, Super Junior, U-KISS and even EXO coming to my mind.

Only this left for you.” G Dragon was standing by the door, smiling and handing me a bottle of wine, I pushed G to the side and tried to act normal.
“J is not here yet, oppa.” I managed to say 

“That’s better. I’ll have perfect chance to get to know her charming friend better.” He said stepping into the place.

“Don’t dare to act like a freak!” I threatened my friend but he completely ignored me and followed G Dragon inside.
“Call Joanna and ask her to come ASAP!” I said to Zsuzsi, but she didn’t had the chance to reply because the doorbell rang again and I went to open the door, Suho was standing there flashing a smile and dressed like if he had just stepped from stage.

“Nice clothes” He said looking at me from head to toe, I was wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots and shorts.

“Don’t look at me like that!” I dragged him inside the apartment and threw the door behind him.

“I didn’t have time to buy you anything, but what if I give you a date as gift?” What about tomorrow?” 

“In your dreams” I rolled eyes.

One hour later, my house was full of idols and foreign girls, it was so surreal and I was actually enjoying it so much that I barely noticed that JB, Woohyun and Suho were singing with the rest of the guys clapping at them and dancing. Later on JB disappeared from my sight and I found myself sitting on the sofa.

“You should stop drinking, you’ll get drunk!” Suho came and sat by my side, I was sharing a bottle of suju with Woohyun while the rest of Infinite threw us some odd glances.
“You sound like G” I laughed “By the way, where’s G?” I started to look for him desperately, I was kind of tipsy but not enough to forget about taking care of all the idols around me, a second later I caught his blue hair and saw him chatting apparently peacefully with L and G Dragon.

“Oh, he’s fine!” I said resting all the importance to the fact he was probably scaring them, I went back to drink with Woohyun and Suho sighed shaking his head in disapproval.

Some yells suddenly interrupted the party ambience and we all ran to the place where the screams apparently were coming from.

“We’re locked here!” JB said and I tried to open the door without results.

“Stupid lock, it was working today!” I blamed as Suho took my place and tried to open the door.

Everybody started to move around looking for something to open the door, one of Infinite members suggested trying with a knife and L was the only one who dared to do it, again failing epically.

“I’m sorry but I really need to use the bathroom!” Camila, Infinite’s English tutor said, I looked at her apologetically, not knowing what to do. 

“I also need the bathroom!” Woohyun said as he sat on the sofa, he was so drunk that I started to panic.

“He needs the bathroom!” I said grabbing G’s sleeve and shaking his arm. 

“I have great idea called ‘Jaeseop’ “ G. smirked.

“No one is going to bother him!” I raised my voice turning eyes to me, 

“Who’s Jaeseop?” Suho blurted out.

“Nonna, I need to use the bathroom as well!” Sungjong said with an innocent smile.

“Ok, ok, the ones who need the bathroom follow me!” I gave up as I headed to the door.

“May-Jaeseop’s interaction! I can’t miss this!” G said to Zsuzsi.

“I’ve seen that before, not very nice; actually” She replied laughing.

We climbed to the sixth floor and I hesitated for a second but looking at Camila’s face I took the courage to knock the door softly.
“Oh, great, there’s no one inside, he must be working!” I turned around just in the moment a sleepy Jaeseop appeared on the doorway. He was wearing sweat pants and a simple t-shirt, his hair a little bit messy and his eyes half closed.

“I’m sorry we’re bothering you, but…” G started to talk.

“But there’s no one else we could go to…” I felt so bad for interrupting his sleeping hours.

“Can we use your bathroom?” Sungjong stepped forwards and Jaeseop’s eyes widened.

“Please?” Woohyun said.

“This idiot drank so much!” Hoya complained as he helped Woohyun to keep the balance.

“Is that U-kiss’ AJ?” Camila asked to G, who simply nodded as if it was totally normal to have idols as neighbors.

Jaeseop didn’t say a word but stepped to the side and made us a sign to come in.

‘The bathroom is in the end of the hallway” He pointed to the right and Camila and Sungjong went in as G and Hoya helped Woohyun to walk there and Jameel and Suho came from the lift.

“Jameel also needs the toilet!” Suho said.“Just follow the others” Suho slightly pushed my new friend and stood by my side looking at Jaeseop.

“Who is he?” He asked.

“He’s Kim Jaeseop, from U-kiss” I said to Suho “Jaeseop, this is…”

“I know who he is” Jaeseop said. “Can I ask you what is this? A convention of idols and foreign girls?” 

“Actually we were having a house warming party and the door of my bathroom is locked” Suho replied for me.

“Your bathroom?” I pocked Suho with the elbow. “Just go and use the bathroom!” I pushed him inside and gave him a death glare, reluctantly Suho left me with Jaeseop.

“I’m really, really sorry!” I apologized with him, Jaeseop simply nodded and looked at me.

“Aren’t you cold wearing that? Come in” I stepped inside and we closed the door.

“I don’t know why my life always turn into a mess!” I complained at the fact the guys were being loud inside Jaeseop’s house. “I’m sorry for bothering you!” I begged.

“It’s ok, it’s nice to see them from time to time” 

“Even when they’re using your bathroom?” the sound of something like glass crashing against the floor came from the end of the hallway and next thing I could hear was Hoya scolding Woohyun. “And probably ruining your stuff?” 

“As long it’s not my French cologne…” Jaeseop sniffed something. “Ok, that was the only cologne I could use without causing me an allergy!” Jaeseop frowned,

“And it’s so ironic the perfume was French” I laughed, “I’ll make it up for you” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine without it” He replied as Camila walked to us, seconds later Suho and Woohyun passed by the door, the last one bowing at Jaeseop before leaving. Hoya and Sungjong exchanged few words with Jaeseop before leaving, and at last Jameel and G followed them outside.

“ Suddenly I’m feeling a little bit dizzy” I said to Jaeseop as I tried to balance the weight of my body by leaning one hand on the wall.

Jaeseop tried to help me and I tried to walk to the lift but I noticed the rest had already left, either taking the elevator of climbing down the stairs, I was left alone with Jaeseop.

“I’m fine, thanks” I said noticing Jaeseop’s hand on my arm. He released it and I tried to walk again but it felt like if the world was spinning around me.

“Are you ok? Wait here, I’ll get a sweater and I’ll walk you home” He said and l giggled at how he called ‘walking me home’ to help me going down two floors. In no time he reappeared and we left his apartment

“I’m ok, thank you!” I was about to go into the lift when Jaeseop linked arms with me and helped me to climb in.

“Fourth?” He asked pressing the button to close the door.

“What about the mezzanine, I need fresh air and probably they’re being loud and noisy right now” I said as I leaned against the mirror of the elevator.

“You were drinking probably too much” Jaeseop said glancing at me.

“Probably I did” I laughed. 

Jaeseop took me outside the building, it was not cold but with the help of the slight air messing my hair and hitting my face I felt less dizzy. He bought a bottle of water for me and we sat on the bench outside and talked about my party and my friends and how we ended there.

“It’s not polite to leave your guests alone” He said and we went back to the building, when I was about get out of the lift, something I thought I’d never say came from my lips.

“You’re a very nice person, Kim Jaeseop, do you want to join us?” I looked into his eyes and I knew he was going to say no, he looked tired and probably he wanted to sleep and not spend time with noisy, crazy and drunk people. “It’s ok” I said understanding. 

“Maybe next time” I turned on my heel but something stopped me, Jaeseop was grabbing my arm. “I bought this for you in Colombia, he dug inside the pocket of his cardigan and handed me a small necklace. I was simply startled, I opened my eyes and I felt completely sober.

“What is this?” I said eying the small image of a virgin on the necklace.

“I bought it for you as a token of gratitude” one of my eyebrows went up “For the medicine you gave me, it helped me a lot, I was having a bad time handling with my allergies” he smiled at me and the ‘thank you’ from earlier finally made sense.

When I walked into my apartment G put both of his hands on my arms and looked into my eyes.

“Oh my God! You’re here!” J said, “We thought something happened to you!” 

“Where were you! Suho is looking for you now, outside!”

“I’ll call him to say she’s here!” Zsuzsi said.

“Are you fine?” G asked.

“No, I’m not, I think I’m falling” I said, confusing my friends.
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