Hey Polyvore. :) Feeling a little bit better now, I guess, better than I was before...:P Everyone, I REALLY want to apologize for the way I acted....you know, the whole 'dreams don't come true' attitude.. I'm deeply sorry for crashing your guys' dreams, if I did.....I mean, I understand that it was VERY wrong of me to publish it for everyone to see, and crush everyone's dreams...I feel horrible, believe me, I really do. I now feel like a horrible role-model now, because of this...I always seem to mess things up....I'm really sorry, everyone, for crashing down your dreams. It wasn't meant for you guys, I WANT you guys to follow your dreams, I WANT to see you guys be happy and accomplish all of your dreams. It WOULD be nice to be a singer in the future, and see all of you guys, if you guys ever came to my concerts and stuff of course if you wanted to. I've practically given up though, because I'm tired of having dreams, and then people telling me that they'll never come true at all, and also the fact that I always dream something big, and then it always comes crashing down by mean old reality. 
Well guys, I'm truly sorry for being a horrible role-model these past couple days. I love you all, and I really want to continue being an inspiring role-model for all my beautiful followers, somehow, even if it KILLS me. I guess I'll TRY to follow my dreams, but I honestly don't know how. Please, if anyone has any ideas on how I can achieve my dream of being a singer, so I won't give up my dreams, not just for me, but for YOU guys, the people who inspire ME, I would really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. 
I love you all, my dear followers, and I hope to continue following my dreams, somehow. We all gotta work together, to accomplish our dreams. I'll be strong, for all of you :)

~~ Krazy Kay Taglist Part 1 ~~

@redglassesgirl You're super-duper awesome(:
Peace and Love,
KayKay <3

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