Dating back to the medieval ages, where kings and queens ruled the land and men were sent off to battle while women stayed home and bore many children for their husbands. The Lord of Winterfell, a man that holds a high honor in the eyes of the rest of the seven kingdoms. He has five children, two daughters and three sons. But, one of those sons was a bastard. His mother shunned him and his brothers and sisters constantly said things to him. He was known as the bastard child that no one cared for, even the many people in Winterfell. He didn't know where his mother was, well his real mother, since the one that he grew up with shut him out of her life. In Winterfell, the surrounding forest holds a grave thrift that they believed was gone for thousands of years which it was but they came across 5 dire wolf pups, one for each of the children. But there was another one a pure white dire wolf with piercing red eyes. The runt of the litter. The bastard son took it as his to take care of while the rest took the normal ones. The one that looked like a usual dire wolf. Now he stands out in Winterfell even more. But when he is out in the woods training the wolf to obey his every order he comes across a strange sight. A young woman, around seventeen, his age, is spotted in the woods the same dire wolf that he has except hers is a pure black color. A few days later he spots her in the streets of Winterfell with that same wolf. People come up with strange theories. Theories that she is associated with witchcraft and that she has something to do with lucifer, better known as satan. That she participates in black magic and she is out to destroy the good thats left in Winterfell. But she is in the same situation as the bastard, she's a nomad and an orphan. Her mother was a whore for the brothel and her father disowned her. The two of them become close and everyone in Winterfell learns that she isn't the usual maiden or the princess with long shining hair. She is just as strong as any man and she knows how to wield a sword better than any knight. But that sparks up even more to the rest of Winterfell and of course, spending time with the king's bastard brings disgrace to the kings name leaving the two of them to be the outcasts of Winterfell but the royal family doesn't approve which could lead to much more than just a romeo and juliet love story. 

Me // Winnifred Valormir{{age: sixteen; model: Astrid Berges}}
You // Jon Snow{{age: eighteen; model: Kit Harington}} II Son of Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark; known as the bastard of Winterfell
It was a cold fall evening, the sun barely peaking through the canopy of trees that covered the dirtied brunette that sat in the shady tree. Beside her was the thick coated jet black dire wolf that sat by her leg, his large head rested on her thigh. Winnifred was the young age of sixteen and has been living on her own for as long as she could possibly imagine. Her mother was a whore that worked for the brothel. She only knew her by the name of Leona, and that was all she knew of her mother. Her father was an honored knight in Knight's Landing, the capitol of the seven kingdoms, and he served with the long ruling king and it would be a disgrace to keep a child out of such circumstances. To save him from the torment he left her with her mother. When she was seven and she was perfectly capable she ran away, far far away and she believed that her mother was grateful. Winifred stole things to get by, she stole many swords and daggers from silversmiths and she stool food and bread from local bakeries and shops to survive. She was a thin girl but her muscles were the one thing that was taking up most of her body. She would run from woods to woods, sleeping under trees and using Rowan, her dire wolf, for warmth. When she was parading through the woods one day she found Rowan underneath a large log, hiding from what she assumed to be a predator. Without a mother, the young pup would die, and that's when she found her long term companion. Rowan out weighed her now and ate more in a day than she would in a month but she didn't mind, she managed. Her fingers worked restlessly through her dirty hair, braiding it in a long braid over her shoulder, she tied it quickly and with a smile she stood up watching as Rowan ran quickly to the water. A large lake that was surrounding by thick brush, one of his favorite places to drink and play and bathe. She smiled and ran after him, quickly maneuvering over the branches and the logs and different things. "slow down...slow down.." she smiled as she stopped to catch her breath.
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