This is my new novel idea. It's a 1984 meets Little Brother meets Battle Royale meets Lost in Translation meets Death Note meets Madoka Magica meets a Kafka novella. Basically it's a young adult novel filled with dystopian themes, a love story, and adventure.

Name: Henrietta "Henry" Morrison/ Flora Sisyphus
Power: Invisibility
Age: 17
Bio: Henry is (or was) your kid genius. She has a scholarship to attend a fancy Manhattan private school, Berkshire Academy, with her 150 IQ but currently she's in the state of losing her scholarship due to cutting class and horrible grades. She resides with her indifferent grandmother in West Village, but spends the majority of her time locked in her tiny, dark room with only her monitor on as a source of light. She often skips sleeping or eating for long periods of time, contributing to her insomnia and thinness. She has a cold, quiet, and reserved attitude towards people. She has the charm of a dead slug. Her long, dark hair covers most of her beautiful-looking face. Henry wasn't always this anti-social until her parents died in a car accident and her neighbor rap-ed her for money to pay for their medical expenses. She has nightmares every now and then. She uses video games as a way to escape. On a forum for the SIM game Sixth Wonderland, she met Charlie. They grew close online friends and created their own game together with their superior programming skills. Nobody knows about the real Henry Morrison, who goes by the charming and whimsical alias Flora Sisyphus except for Charlie and Marvel. And now that Marvel's leaked the energy for entropy's purpose, it's up to Henry to stop them.
Status: Single, and she thinks she's going to be lonely forever.
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